Tuesday , July 5 2022

"I'm naked in front of you"


In the seventh round of blind auditions, Ivona Catterfeld was stunned. In order to become a candidate in her team, she pronounced a provocative magic that caused a lot of confusion.

The path to the "Voice of Germany" phase was probably not so long and difficult for any candidate such as Abdullah Azad. The 18-year-old fled from Iraq to Austria with his brother and had an important mission in blind auditions: "I want to show that not all refugees are bad, many just want peace," he said before his appearance.

In the The Voice studio, he performed the song "Naked" by James Arthur. The performance was authentic, full of emotions and connected with a certain tension in the room. Later he discovered: "I was thinking about the past and I just sang." The Iraqis succeeded because he was able to persuade two coaches.

Ivonne Catterfeld and Mark Forster pressed the buzzer. In accordance with the title of the song, Ivonne tried to get the candidate into his team with curious arguments: "You sang" I'm standing here naked, "I'm naked in front of you." Candidate Abdullah smiled at this statement, Mark Forster considered unfair: "You can not say I'm naked in front of you, then you will definitely join your team." Ivonne had to clarify quickly: "Do not go naked in that sense, I mean, I mean, I'm telling you my weakness, my insecurity, my doubts, because I think you're stopping."

Abdullah's decision was not surprising to other members of the jury. He went to Ivonna and was touched after the performance. "I can be proud of myself, I will never forget this moment." The audience is certainly not that fast.

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