Thursday , March 4 2021

"It's better not to think about it, this will make you crazy."

"It's better not to think about it, this will make you crazy."

Now it is known who will represent Austria in the 64th Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) in Israel in May: the Viennese pop music singer Paenda will play in Austria.

Paenda wants to use the song contest to bring his message of equality to the world. Image: APA / ORF Thomas Ramerstorfer

She is 31, electropop singing, lives in Vienna and is called "Paenda" because she often looks like a pandas in the morning. As the song "Limits" sounds, with which the native summer proves its luck, it's still secret.

oon: What happened to the mobile since you announced that it represented Austria in the Song Contest?

Schedule: it explodes. I left it because it vibrates constantly. But they are only positive and good messages that reach me.

oon: They make electropop out of mainstream. It was clear to you – Contest of songs, yes, I want to go there?

Yes, full

oon: Because?

Because I think it's a great event that means equality, openness and love, and I have my own message, which also addresses this issue, which I would like to do in the world.

oon: What is this message?

In any case, equal rights, especially in women who are men dominated by business, in my case, the music business. I am also a composer and producer. There is sexism already, we must fight with some things.

oon: In the sense that budgets do not occur to women, in the sense of sexist observations?

How it is and what it feels.

oon: Did you request a song contest or did you get it?

You have asked. I know I'm just driving at CES recently, but the decision was not made overnight.

oon: What do you expect from yourself in the song contest, except for greater awareness?

I always expect maturation for me as a human being, as an artist. Again he learned something, again something new sight. And that, of course, goes back to music.

oon: 180 million people will see through television. How is this number?

Yes, it's a lot (laughs). Since I know what I'm going to do, there is a lot to do and solve that I have not had time to deal with it. I'm just sorry for other people who say, "Oh, my God, a lot of people." But I know from experience that when you're on the stage, you only see the people that are right in front of you and that there will be about 7500 in the Israel room. On the back of the head, a voice tells you that so many people are watching, but do not check it. That's why: it's better not to think about it, that will make you crazy!

oon: "Limits", the song with which you compete, will be shown first. How can you imagine?

It's very different from the songs on my first album, you could not expect a song of this type. What else can I say? Electropopsong, calm.

oon: Your sister will be performing …

My sister is my best friend, she plays in my band live, we live together, she always peck me day and night. We still do not know if he definitely walks, but, of course, I want to.

oon: Austria has had the first but also the last places in recent years: how to deal with these two extreme variants?

I try to worry about something like that, because it totally limits the creative flow. Of course, I'm sorry for those who have scored so little, and in part I think it was not justified. But I can not judge myself.

oon: Have you even seen ESC?

Now. I have not had a TV since age 18, but I've always watched friends or the multimedia library. Three years ago we were in a pub in London looking at the song's song without sound; this was a fun experience. Everyone says the shows are always on the top, but go to a concert by Katy Perry, and you know what's wrong. There is nothing wrong with the song contest.

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