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Lena Gercke, GNTM star, annoys fans with a bikini photo: "Really impossible"


Lena Gercke really enjoys a lot of popularity with her fans. But now the model caused problems with a holiday photo. Many do not like what the 30-year-old man had written under his image.

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Recently, Lena Gercke organized her first fashion show in Berlin. After this exciting moment, the first winner of the "Next Top Model of Germany" now makes a break and is currently enjoying his holidays in Ibiza. In order to allow fans to participate, Gercke put a picture of her online, located in a bikini on a boat floating in the sea.

"Really impossible"

Originally he wrote: "Pregnant food", which indicates that he has eaten so much that his stomach seems to be pregnant. Many fans find this inadequate. Especially because Gercke is very thin. They find that these comments could convey a false ideal of beauty for younger users of the platform.

For example, a fan wrote: "Did you think for a moment what this legend can do to a young person with normal bodies, an impossible feeling?" Someone else says: "Where should I be a baby to eat, so that only you're thin, this is a totally wrong presentation and a bad message for your followers, which I do not think is right."

"Too bad you decide to use your reach to propagate a realistic body image," says another user. "It's great that you do sport and eat well, but please without this legend, followed by young girls who admire and think that" pregnant food "seems to be great that you use your platform a bit more accountable ".

Shortly afterwards, Lena Gercke deleted her comment below the photo, leaving the image of her profile to Instagram without any title. Some fans want them to comment on the critics. Others find it exaggerated to bother with the comment if it has already been deleted.

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