Monday , September 27 2021

Lower Austria: Thousands of fish perish on the Fischa

One measurement showed that there was virtually no oxygen left in the water. The municipality of Eggendorf advises to avoid contact with water, investigations are ongoing.

After the death of numerous fish in Fischa, in the district of Wiener Neustadt, the investigations of the executive together with the administration of the district began on Thursday. The dead animals are being examined and water samples were taken, police spokesman Raimund Schwaigerlehner confirmed on request on Thursday. First, the “Niederösterreichische Nachrichten” (“NÖN”) reported on this. The Eggendorf community advised avoiding contact with water.

After heavy rains over the weekend, “massive contamination” of the hot fish was found, according to information from the municipality’s website. Neighbors sounded the alarm. According to “ORF NÖ”, the supervisor responsible for fish, Martin Bauer, spoke of thousands of affected animals, which are estimated to represent up to 90 percent of the total fish population, including predominantly brown trout, but also rainbow trout and grayl. The affected area is about nine kilometers long, starts near Wiener Neustadt and goes down the river to Ebenfurth. According to the report, a measurement showed that there was barely any oxygen in the water and the fish drowned.

It will be determined whether there is a natural cause for the death of the animals or whether there is negligence of third parties, the executive announced. According to the ORF Lower Austria, the fishing company offered a reward of 1000 euros for the crucial advice to investigate the pollutant. So the messages are below 01/5865248 accepted.

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