Saturday , June 19 2021

Maite Kelly: Your toughest look so far: Success

After the death of his sister Barby, there was a radio silence with the pop singer. Today Maite Kelly faces her most difficult aspect.

Normally, the “Simply Hello” singer likes to share her daily life with her fans on social media, but since her sister’s death she has become quiet. Today yes Love Kelly his first appearance on television after the heavy blow of fate on the family.

Emotional return to the “TV garden”

Barby Kelly reportedly died last month after a long and serious illness, according to the official Instagram account of Kelly family he called. In an emotional message, Maite also said goodbye to her little sister. Since then, you haven’t heard or seen anything from the pop singer. The 41-year-old is celebrating an exciting return to the “Fernsehgarten” (from 12 noon, ZDF).

However, he receives emotional support from several DSDS colleagues at once. In addition to co-jury Mike Singer see also “superstar” Jan-Marten block at Mainz Lerchenberg. Month Ben Sugar, Baseball i Giovanni Zarrella. Definitely the right people for Maite to recharge her batteries after this difficult time.

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