Tuesday , October 26 2021

Mandatory tests in the east only for unvaccinated students


In Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland, tests are mandatory from Monday for unvaccinated students and must be masked outside of class.

Vienna. School operations in Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland will take place after the end of the three-week safety phase from Monday according to the specifications of the “average safety level”. This means that unvaccinated students should continue to take tests three times a week; vaccinated or recovered students are not required to take the test. All children and teens should continue to wear masks outside of class. This was decided after the Crown Commission meeting on Thursday.

With this, school operations will continue essentially as before. Biggest difference: The three-time test no longer applies to all students without exception: vaccinated and recovered children and adolescents are excluded. However, you may continue to participate in the testing program on a voluntary basis.

Risk-adjusted incidence

To determine the levels of risk, the so-called risk-adjusted incidence (taking into account not only the number of infections, but also the number of tests, the rate of clearance, the symptoms and the dynamics of the infection process) and the ability to harness intensive care units are used. There is “medium risk” when the incidence is between 101 and 200 plus the use of intensive care units with crown patients between ten and 20%.

Therefore, Vienna and Lower Austria fall at this level: the federal capital has a higher incidence, but the occupancy rate of intensive care beds remains below the value of 20%. In reality, Burgenland remains below these values, but has voluntarily adopted the rules of the average risk level. This is argued with the stability of the school system and the great mobility of students between the three federal states, according to the Ministry of Education.

Mandatory tests only for unvaccinated people

Apart from the compulsory test only for those who have not been vaccinated or recovered, the school rules correspond to those of the current safety phase. Parent nights can continue to be attended (with mask requirement); school events such as hiking days can be held.

In the remaining six federal states, school did not begin until a week later. Therefore, the security phase will continue there next week.

The commission will meet again next Thursday and classify all federal states for the first time.

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