Sunday , September 26 2021

Max Verstappen blows his neck at an F1 press conference

No, Max Verstappen had no desire to answer that question.

The Dutchman crashed his neck when asked about the accident between him and Lewis Hamilton. The Red Bull driver didn’t even let Formula 1 ceremonies director Tom Clarkson finish speaking and drove him to the parade.

After Verstappen had some questions about qualifying in Hungary, Clarkson referred again to the Silverstone crash, but wanted to establish a connection with tomorrow’s start, which the Red Bull driver will tackle with softer tires in the third. place.

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“I have a question for you and Lewis,” Clarkson began. “There was a lot of discussion about what happened on the first lap of Silverstone. When you’re on the wheel tomorrow after the start …”

Verstappen let the journalist arrive so long before intervening, “No, can we stop right now? We had so many damn questions about it. It’s ridiculous. Honestly,” he muttered.

“Can we stop doing this?”

“All Thursday we responded to this nonsense. So can we stop? We’re runners. We drive hard, of course, but it’s fair. We push each other.” Then Verstappen’s answer ended.

Surprisingly surprised, Clarkson wanted to expect a possible response from Hamilton at the very least: “Lewis, something on your side?” He asked. But he just shook it and didn’t respond. That ended the issue.

At the end of the press conference, Clarkson apologized for the inappropriate choice of words during the interview.

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