Thursday , March 4 2021

More cases of measles in Graz: 28 infants entered the boarding school

A case of measles has taken in the past two weeks in Graz to a series of infections in some months just a few months of age, babies. At the national sanitation management, there were 13 cases confirmed and mostly on Tuesday afternoon, said the head of the Marianne Wassermann-Neuhold department. One can expect more

The patient index is a 15-year-old patient who arrived at LKH Graz on January 11 with his measles at the child's clinic ambulance and spent about three hours there. Anyone who has been in the area waiting for him during this time and around two hours after this is considered the contact person and is at high risk of becoming infected in case of vaccination without prior notice. Since many parents were with their little children and, in part, also with infants, who still do not have to vaccinate, there was a contagion. Among them there are about three babies only four months, according to Wassermann-Neuhold.

Contact with at least 22 babies

"This patient with measles was twice in a private pediatrician and had contact with at least 22 babies and also with other children," says Ernst Eber, director of the Children's Hospital Graz, at the Kleine Zeitung.

6 infections more infected

Babies should be treated preventively. For a measles disease it is very dangerous for babies. According to "Kleine Zeitung", six more children could also have been infected last weekend at the University Hospital of Graz.

Because the incubation period is 21 days, it is expected that other measles cases will be applied during the week. Only on Monday they added six, which is about a dozen on Tuesdays. There are no cases that could have been transmitted to pediatricians carrying the virus. This could have happened, because parents did not know about the infections of their children. In fact, some had been with their children apparently already infected in other practices, said the APA division manager.

Treat with passive vaccination

Since it is not possible to vaccinate infants, a series of babies should be treated as precautions with immunoglobulins (called passive vaccine) in the pediatric clinic. Many of these, therefore, were hospitalized on Tuesday by the LKH, could not be quantified exactly, because also because of the disease epidemic that is near and that the patients leave the hands free.

Aquarius-Neuhold called on parents to vaccinate themselves and their children, precisely because it can prevent infection in children. If it is a suspicion of measles, patients should not visit ambulances and complete arrangements, but call on and ask.

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