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New findings about Corona: can vaccinated people still transmit the virus?

Vaccinations against the crown have begun in Germany. Can vaccinated people still transmit the virus? A new study provides information on this.

  • The number of Crown * cases continues to rise unhindered.
  • A now also a Germany approved vaccine should provide a remedy.
  • But vaccinated people can Coronavirus happen anyway?

Updated January 7, 2021 at 4:08 PM: According to the latest research, people who have one Corona infection they have survived some time immune to a new one infection. Blood sample tests are designed to indicate that the body is doing what is necessary Immune cells after infection it is shown to renew disease exclude. This protective effect must be at least eight months after the onset of Initial infection Stop.

In the study by the Jolla Institute for Immunology (LJI), all components of the Immune memory analyzed. It is said to be the largest study of its kind ever conducted. “Our data suggest that the Immune response there are, and still are, ”says the study’s author, Professor Alessandro Sette, of the LJI. Maybe stay Infected even years after a infection protected. The results give hope that the Immune defense it lasts a long time even with a vaccine.

Crown vaccine: At the moment, the question is whether you can still infect other people despite being vaccinated? (Symbol image)

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Immune defense could show evidence of transmission in vaccinated individuals

Either through antibody the transfer of the Coronavirus is avoided by vaccinated people has not yet been determined in studies. However, the LJI research group is confident that the transfer rate will be Vaccinated will show a similar pattern of immune responses than those who have one Crown infection they have survived.

Research on the vaccine it is still in its infancy. In contrast, there is more knowledge of how transmission behaves in those who have recovered. Researchers could also learn more through the new study Vaccinated they are protected against retransmission.

After the crown vaccine: can vaccinated people still transmit the virus?

First report of January 4, 2021: Kassel, he still has it Coronavirus the world firmly controlled. And despite the lock, the numbers of New crown infections and dead. The developed in record time vaccine pharmaceutical companies Biontech and Pfizer could now be a ray of hope. Meanwhile, vaccinations have also begun in Germany.

In this context, however, not all issues have been clarified. Many wonder if people who have already been vaccinated do the same Coronavirus can it be transferred?

Does the Corona vaccine protect against Covid-19, but also against the transmission of the virus?

During the Biontech / Pfizer approval process, the file Crown vaccine tested on numerous participants. The result: the probability of moving on Covid-19 to get sick, decreases by the vaccination about 95 percent. In addition, the vaccine protects people of all age groups equally well, including people with previous illnesses. This is what the Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care (IQWiG) reports

vaccine Comirnaty (formerly: BNT162b2)
Companies Biontech / Pfizer
Approval in the European Union 21.12.2020

It was mainly examined whether the vaccine can prevent the disease. However, it is not yet clear and further research is needed into whether it is one Vaccination against the crown it can become infected with the virus, but it remains asymptomatic, according to the IQWiG.

Despite the crown vaccine, the virus could be transmitted

A post shows that the file Crown vaccine (AZD1222) from Oxford University and Astra-Zeneca were able to completely prevent lung damage from vaccinated monkeys. However, the virus was exhaled through the animals’ noses.

Crown vaccine: At the moment, the question is whether you can still infect other people despite being vaccinated? (Symbol image)

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Although it is mostly one Covid disease-19 To prevent this, it is possible that vaccination “cannot prevent infection or transmission of SARS-CoV-2.” The situation was similar to that of other vaccinated candidates.

Dr. Sebastian Hoehl, a virologist at the Institute of Medical Virology at the University Clinic in Frankfurt am Main, told “In the case of candidates for a SARS-CoV-2 vaccine, we still don’t know if both the disease and the disease can prevent the pathogen from being eliminated. More accurate results are expected in the coming months.

Despite vaccination against the crown: the rules of distance and hygiene are particularly important

Professor Uwe Janssens, chief physician of the Internal Medicine and Internal Medicine Intensive Care Clinic at St. Antonius d’Eschweiler, recommends, though Crown vaccine be careful. The rules of distance should be kept in mind and a cap should be worn on the mouth and nose.

The question of whether the Coronavirus it is possible, although it has been vaccinated, it must first be clarified. Until then the following applies: wait and continue Crown measurements hold on. However, the development and approval of the Vaccines many people wait. However, not everyone sees it that way: a clinic employee is said to have deliberately destroyed 500 doses of crown vaccine.

The first vaccinations against the crown * have already begun in Kassel. But many center and nursing home employees, as well as hospitals, are skeptical. (cheese) * is part of Ippen’s digital publishing network nationwide.

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