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Neymar: Medical Thriller on the PSG star: on support paper: Manuel Neuer

The most expensive soccer player in the whole world is injured, but how and with what consequences?

The condition of 222 million men Neymar kept his Paris-Saint-Germain club suspended with German coach Thomas Tuchel and his Brazilian native for several days.

On Wednesday it was known: Neymar left for ten weeks, his metatarsal injury was treated conservatively without surgical intervention.

This was preceded by a medical thriller in which Neymar broke between the interests of his club and those of his national team, for the second time after the drama before the 2018 World Cup, only this time other way round. And with Manuel Neuer, the national team of Bayern Munich, in a supporting role.

What to do with Neymar? PSG and Brazil are not in agreement

Neymar, as we know, injured his right midweek last week in the Cup against Racing in Strasbourg, the same part of his body that he broke last year before the World Cup, and he paused for three months at the end. Tuchel moaned instantly, talking about a "super complicated, super-difficult" case during the weekend. A prognosis that must be true.

Already in 2018, the PSG and the Brazilian federation CBF discussed the treatment: Parisians wanted Neymar to be treated in a conservative way to be able to use it more quickly in the Champions League. The Brazilians pushed, ultimately, successfully, into an operation that would have to secure the commitment of Neymar in the World Cup. The deputy doctor, Rodrigo Lasmar, took her before, this time representing the Brazilian interests.

According to French media reports, the opinion image of this time was exactly the opposite of last year. The doctors in Paris want a surgical intervention, Brazilians are a conservative therapy, which promises that this time it is more likely that Neymar will be in conditions for the Copa America as of June 14. The PSG, in particular, looks for the eliminatory phase in the Champions League, which begins on February 12 with the first stage against Manchester United – without Neymar.

For the second time, the association came out victorious about the discussion.

The coach of Brazil Tite gets on

Brazil's national coach, Tite, had personally activated, traveled to Paris to visit Neymar and stated: "I will not endanger Neymar's health, and even if I lose my job, I will not take charge of calling him if he does is injured. " An insurance that can also be interpreted as a covert but urgent request to Tuchel, who does not have to do it either.

Like the newspaper Equipe Informing, we also got the advice of a specialist in Germany.

Manuel Neuer as an example of warning

Neymar seems to have suffered a tear Le Parisien reports that in the x-rays of "26-year-old" traces of a break "can be seen. The mystery: apparently, it was not clear if this is new or shows the traces of the fracture last year. In the final message, the PSG spoke of "an injury." In short, only one more complicated term for the simple word "injury".

One way or another: the fact that he hits the Neymar exactly the same sensitive site, makes the experts headache worse. According to reports, the example of Manuel Neuer's warning also played a role in the deliberations. His repeated injuries to the left metatarsal -which apparently relieved himself repeatedly too soon- led to his participation in the World Cup, including his endangered career.

An eight-month break as Neuer's is a vision of terror for all involved. It remains to be seen if doctors have found the solution to not let them in.

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