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Not serious: this phone costs only € 300? – Multimedia

The Nokia brand is a cult. This is also after the acquisition of HMD Global. In this country, the Finnish 2018 startup has achieved a good recovery. With just over two percent market share, the manufacturer in Austria does not reach the top (Samsung, Huawei and Apple share a market share of 90 percent), but it is one of the leading players.


How much money is spent on a smartphone?

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The reason is enough to delve into one of Nokia's newest devices. Model 7.1 was revealed in the fall. The mobile phone is well done and, therefore, it looks high quality. It has a glass backrest and edges of polished aluminum. The buttons provide a nice click. In short, the phone feels more expensive than it really is.

A pure Android

The author has Nokia 7.1 in the hands of several people at hand – without them knowing the price. Almost all subjects estimated that the device is twice as expensive as in reality. One of the many reactions was: "It's not serious: this phone costs only 300 euros?"

Of course, you do not get high end amenities for money. The 7.1 has 32GB of memory and a 5.8-inch LCD screen. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 medium range processor allows applications to run smoothly, but not quickly. The best feature of Nokia phones is also not found in the hardware specifications. It is the software. The manufacturer offers a pure Android experience with devices. In specific terms, updates and patches, unlike other manufacturers, are very fast on smartphones.

Goodbye details

The camera on the back is enough to take snapshots. In low light conditions, you can place your phone securely in your pants pocket. Images are raging and my details are blurred. Another review is the low duration. The device has a battery of 3060 mAh. That was enough in the test for more than one day, here it could surely be something Nokia might improve. In general, the manufacturer, but an excellent device with a good price-performance ratio was successful.

The Nokia 7.1 is available in blue and silver. There is also a version with 64 GB of storage space. Prices start at 32 GB at 279 euros, at 64 GB at 379 euros.

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