Saturday , July 24 2021

OMV promotes more oil, Greenpeace demands the exit of the soul

In the midst of “restructuring” into a greener company, the oil business is growing strongly.

Vienna. High oil prices and rising demand are also having an impact on OMV’s production output. The domestic energy company produced both oil and gas as in 2019. Daily production rose to an average of 495,000 barrels of oil equivalent, after 472,000 barrels a day the previous year. By 2019, the group had produced more than 500,000 barrels a day in some cases. Since total gas production remained stable compared to the previous year, with 289,000 barrels of oil equivalent, growth occurred in oil.

Reason enough for Greenpeace to demand Rainer Seele’s exit from the top of the company. The “oil tanker” Seele is not suitable to lead the company towards a sustainable future, so a call is made to the Supervisory Board of OMV, which will also decide these days on a possible extension of the mandate of the Executive Board of Rainer Seele. Recently, the manager had caused a great stir with the acquisition of the chemical company Borealis, inside and outside OMV. According to reports, there should be disagreements between the new chairman of the supervisory board, Mark Garret (former head of Borealis) and the head of the OMV, Seele.

The two at least agree that the plastics manufacturer should play an important role in the realignment of the oil and gas company. Greenpeace doesn’t think much about it: chemical production is also associated with excessively high emissions. (except)

(“Die Presse”, print edition, April 10, 2021)

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