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Person Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth is released for Nintendo 3DS – GAMEtainment

ATLUS has announced a new game of the universe person – Person Q2: New Labyrinth of Cinema. The title will be published on June 4, 2019 for the Nintendo 3DS. In this sequel to the first 3DS version of the series, Person Q: Shadow of the labyrinth, return familiar faces of Person 3, Person 4, Person 3 portable and Person 5. The opening film gives a first impression of the game!

The opening movie of Person Q2: New Labyrinth of Cinema:

The player will have to survive some challenges in the mazes of the dungeon trap. Ghost Thieves are trapped in various labyrinthine movies during your adventure. Like a good movie, labyrinths have different twists and come from different genres. On the way through multiple labyrinths the player will meet other heroes that will help the player.

The launch edition of Person Q2: New Labyrinth of Cinema It will only be available to previous trainers and, as long as the offer is reached, for Day-One buyers. The launch edition includes the Nintendo 3DS version of the game, as well as a beautiful art booklet.

Person Q2: New Labyrinth of Cinema characteristics:

· Joker takes on the lead role – The player can experience the exciting story from the Persona 5 Perspective's point of view while meeting the thrills of the ghosts of the members of the United States. of Person 3 and the research team Persona 4.
· Person 3 laptops female heroin – In Person Q2: New Labyrinth of Cinema plays female heroin P3P an important role
· A tribute to the classics – As the player uses cinematic labyrinths, he can find some references to the classics of the film industry.
· The power of the groupPerson Q2 There is the combat system of Person Q i Person 5 and adds the new Unison feature. When completing indirect missions, other characters join the player's group, unblocking new special attacks.
· Original voices – In Person Q2: New Labyrinth of Cinema the player can hear the original Japanese voices. Audio supports subtitles in English. For the first time, many fans will have the opportunity to listen to the original Japanese voices of the cast 3.

Person Q2: new maze of cinema logo

Person Q2: New Labyrinth Cinema Packshot
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