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PharmaFuture (TM) reports major progress in 2018 Digital acceptance among doctors


Princeton, New Jersey, June 5, 2016 / PRNewswire / – Indegene, the world's leading provider of health solutions, today announced its Savvy HCP Survey 2018 Report through the PharmaFuture (TM) knowledge platform. According to the results of the survey, 2018 saw the highest increase in digital acceptance among service providers (HCP) compared to the surveys of the previous three years (2015-2017). This can be concluded that scanning is increasingly frequent among doctors. The second place among the specific scientific sources of information that doctors use to plan the treatment were medical journals (clinical data) and medical sciences. Care of personal contact continues to play an important role, with only a slightly higher grade in the last three years. Among digital information sources for doctors, branded websites are the most popular, followed by emails, web seminars and podcasts.

Pfizer and Merck are left behind

The survey also found that physicians increasingly trust in clinical data and Real-World Evidence (RWE) when they develop treatment plans along with information on drug safety and efficacy of pharmaceutical companies. It has also been found, in the context of RWE, that finding such information is often difficult for doctors since pharmaceutical companies do not make their websites easy to use.

Gaurav Kapoor, EPP of Indegene, said: "The ambition of the pharmaceutical industry to speed up digitization, as described in the last number of the HCP survey, sends a message positive to the ecosystem of the health system before the industry is open to digitization with other sectors, but the desire to provide omnichannel data on demand demonstrates the commitment of the sector to improve the success of the treatment ".

HCP granted the first two positions to GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and AstraZeneca (AZ), which provide content through different channels in a pleasant mix. Pfizer and Merck had to settle for third place in this ranking, while in the previous three years they had been leaders.

The survey also analyzes the channels that doctors favor when it comes to patients. While United States doctors like to share information or updates through portals and emails, text messaging platforms and social messaging are being used more widely in other parts of the world. The video chat exchange is not a common practice among doctors around the world. In the United States, specialists in urology, emergency medicine, pulmonology, immunology and dermatology were the first to interact digitally with patients on other disciplines.

In addition to oncology, neurology and emergency medicine, specialists in immunology and ophthalmology had the highest rate of acceptance to acquire information through digital channels.

About PharmaFuture (TM)

PharmaFuture (TM) is a platform for the distribution of independent brand knowledge that Indegene has developed to discuss the latest trends and developments in the digital pharmaceutical world. PharmaFuture (TM) was launched in 2011 and hosts several events around the world. The guests are visionaries of Deep Tech and the pharmaceutical industry to upload the index of digital maturities year after year. Every year, PharmaFuture (TM) conducts surveys on issues such as digital adoption between healthcare providers, marketing and healthcare professionals, and the digital expiration of pharmaceutical companies on websites, content, channels and other assets. The website publishes blank articles and cases of interest to the industry.

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