Wednesday , October 27 2021

Red Dead Online: $ RDO and double XP, good for contract offenses and more


Just in time for the middle of the week is the next batch of new promotions on Red Dead Online. Here you can find the usual overview with us!

Rockstar Games allows players to charge twice the new week of content if they find the “Eastern embers” and steal them successfully. It is an impeccable but unrepeatable ruby.

Double RDO $ and RP are also available this time for the Bluewater contract and the Cornwall contract, staff members participating in group activities receive 20% more experience points than usual.

In the crimes and contracts of “Blood Money” this time there is more capital than usual in fallen boxes and opponents. You can also raise additional capital to complete “House Clearance” based on your rank on September 27th.

And otherwise? These other actions await you this week:

  • A free vest and XP rewards to enter into contracts with Blood Money
  • New discounts: 40% on a second case, 30% on all selected coats, revolvers and skill booklets
  • Vouchers for Quick Draw Club # 3 members: The Bagshot knife is still available until October 4th. Anyone who buys all four parts of the Quick Draw Club will receive the next Halloween Pass # 2 for free.
  • Advantages of the Prime game: Anyone who plays Red Dead Online and links their Rockstar Games Social Club account to Prime Gaming before September 28 will receive a voucher for a free brochure on vitalism studies and a 50% discount on an article from natural history of the “Established” or “Recognized” “levels” category you choose
Red Dead Redemption 2: NVIDIA DLSS release trailer

On your PC, you can now expect DLSS with a compatible NVIDIA graphics card. The new trailer shows you how it looks in action.

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