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Rosenberger becomes "Rosehill Food Park" »Leadersnet


The 14 locations have to be restored partially at the end of 2022 during the operation and in the future there will be accommodated six different restoration concepts.

The Austrian franchisee Burger King and the new owner of the TQSR Holding and Development GmbH GmbH (TQSR Group) presented the first details of the new concept of the service area.

"Under the new umbrella brand" Rosehill Foodpark ", existing Rosenberg locations will be transformed into food parks that will be full of a variety of attractive brands and products, and the new concept will be implemented for the first time The first quarter of next year. All Rosenberger service areas will become a multi-brand concept, "says the TQSR group in a press release.

The Rosenberger brand should persist

With the acquisition of Rosenberger, the TQSR Group is very satisfied. "The main parts of integration have already been completed, all the sites are in full operation, sales are developing as planned, and we have also considerably increased the number of personnel," explains Hartmut Graf , general director of the TQSR Group.

However, the Rosenberger brand will continue to exist in the new multimarca concept in the future. According to Statista, Rosenberger is the most well-known Austrian food brand and will play an important role in the new concept of Multibrand, with Burger King and Rosenberger only in new locations with two of the four best-known food brands represented "says Graf.

However, the Rosenberg restaurant concept is being redesigned. In the future, people will return to "the origin of the brand and strong points associated." "Very soon Rosenberger will return to focus on traditional Austrian cuisine," explains Graf.

Tradition, internationality and diversity

The name of the recently created umbrella brand "Rosehill Food Park" will combine the basic elements of "tradition", "internationality" and "diversity". "The affinity of the name and the graphic reference to the traditional Rosenberger brand preserve the recognition value, but the goal was also to target many international guests at the same time – with the addition of "Foodpark" to communicate the basic idea of ​​the brand and the variety of products, "says Graf. The new "Rosehill Foodpark" logo will be used in all Rosenberger locations that have been redesigned for the Multibrand concept.

© TQSR Group
Viewing Rosehill Foodpark © TQSR Group

The new multi-brand concept is based on the knowledge that rest breaks available in Austria are no longer up to date and, therefore, no longer respond to the growing demands of customers. "With the help of extensive studies, we have reached the end of the needs of visitors to a rest stop," explains Graf.

Four more gastronomic concepts

As a result, the company will also offer four restoration concepts, in addition to the Rosenberger and Burger King brands. These include an Italian, a seafood restaurant, a predominantly vegetarian and vegan concept that offers an integral concept, as well as an approach in cafes and pastries.

It is expected that the Rosehill Foodpark pilot site will be completed during the first quarter of 2020. All other locations on the Rosenberg Motorways will be converted into the new "Rosehill Foodparks" at the end of 2022. (com / ots)

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