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Siemens builds trains for London's subway to Vienna

Siemens will build the new train fleet for the London subway, in summer, mainly in Vienna and Graz. This was reported by the British regional newspaper "The Northern Echo." At the moment there is no business comment.

In England, Siemens was expected to produce new trains at his new factory in Goole, in the east of Africa, and he was deceived by Siemens. The German mobility of Siemens had in June 2018 the tender for the London Transportation Authority (Transport for London, TfL) for the main order amounting to 1.7 trillion euros, the two competitors Hitachi and Bombardier, who had offered.

Two thirds of the trains of Vienna

It consisted of 94 subway trains, which replaced the trains of the 70s on the Piccadilly line from 2023. It was planned to order the trains after three more lines to Siemens, it was called then. It took place in a new Siemens factory in Goole, in the northwest of England, which was undoubtedly the hope of British customers.

Metro tube London


The passengers of the "tube" could enter the Siemens trains soon from Vienna

However, in a letter dated January 31, 2019 to the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, British MP Phil Wilson criticized Siemens for wanting to build two thirds of the trains in Vienna. In addition, Siemens has confirmed that he wants to produce all the bogies in Graz, wrote Wilson, in the circumscription of the Hitachi factory in Newton Aycliffe, in the north of New England. Siemens did not want to comment on the APA report.

Problems with the UK plant

"Siemens is committed to building a new factory in Goole, but will not be ready in time to build the fleet of trains on the Piccadilly line in the United Kingdom," Wilson wrote. The new Siemens de Goole factory will not be operational until 2023.

Only a day before, trade unionists had expressed their concern about the future of the Hitachi plant, which has a basic staff of 750 people. Orders for new trains will be completed next spring, and there are currently no new orders for Hitachi, he said.

"I am deeply disappointed to learn that the Goole factory will not be able to execute completely the order, while in my constituency there is a factory of trains that have the work, experience and the supply chain needed to complete the Order order to carry it along with Bombardier, "he said in the letter from Wilson to the mayor of London.

Siemens tries to calm the British

Siemens Austria seems to be trying after the media report to soften the waves a bit. "The contract for the London subway is an important step for Siemens Mobility to build the new factory of Goole, East Yorkshire to build and commission trains," said Michael Braun, spokesman for Siemens Austria APA.

This factory will accommodate up to 700 people. Another 250 people would be employed during the construction of the factory. In the end, about 1,700 indirect jobs will be created in the United Kingdom. The London and Siemens transportation company "work hard to maximize the number of trains on the Piccadilly line that will be built at this factory," Braun adds.

The competitor demands damages

Hitachi seeks compensation from the London Transportation Authority. They said they could build trains in the United Kingdom, generating more value in London and the rest of the country, the company said.

A spokesman for Mayor Khan said that the mayor had not participated in the adjudication process. The TfLs were also bound by the EU regulations, according to which British manufacturers and production sites should not be directly preferred. Membership in the EU in the United Kingdom is scheduled to end on March 29, 2019.


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