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Sports director OFB Schottel sees the reform of the league as positive

Sports Director Peter Schottel positively looks at the reform of the league:

"In the end, you have to look at the record, for example, how many young Austrians were playing. The bringing in more surprises was definitely successful, and if you look at how played by promoted players, the most In any case, the league can deal with twelve clubs," explains Vienna in APA.

In a little over a year, the 51-year-old spends an office in the OFB in the meantime. You can not complain about the lack of tasks: A-Team, younger national teams, women's and amateur football or coaching – all this is more and more under the authority of the Sports Director of the OFB.

In an interview APA gives an insight into his plans for the future:

Question: They were in power for about a year, a little longer than Franco Foda. How do you assess the current cooperation with the team leader?

Schottel: "It turned out that the decision to make him a team leader is good, he is a high professional, he and his team are very diligent and accurate, they seem to get information from everywhere, we have found our way and we are both right and wrong."

Question: Since both of you are in the function, players from the home championship have become increasingly popular in the A-team. Does the league reform raise the level of players in domestic clubs?

Schottel: "In the end, you have to look at the record, for example, how many young Austrians played. The bringing in more surprises was definitely successful, and if you look at how played by the promoted players, the most In any case, I would not expect this to be dangerous for the coach before , but it also has to do with the fact that the three big guys (note: Rapid, Sturm, Austria) in the back also makes it difficult for the judges, because you can see how early nerves are. "

Question: Neither in the domestic league nor abroad, Golgeter is currently not able to see who could follow the steps of Marko Janko. Does Austria have an offensive crisis?

Schottel: "We have Guida Burgstaller with Schalke and Michael Gregorich in Augsburg, but unfortunately they have not yet met as their team as their club." Mark's reminder was clear when he was not playing in the physical and robust team. And if we need a goal, we will not have a better on our list, but in the background we have some very talented players such as Arnel Jakupovic, Mathias Honsak or Sasa Kalajdzic still missing. "

Question: Janko recently called for a reform of the OFB aimed at reducing the competencies of the Bureau. What do you think?

Schottel: "This is a difficult topic because it is a huge area that the association needs and must cover, and this year I have the impression that all members of the board are aware of their responsibility and work hard."

Question: Ashlei Barnes was identified as a potential OFG golgeter. What is the current status of his naturalization process?

Schottel: "We got all the necessary documents from the players, now it's up to the responsible authorities, we can imagine playing for the Austrian national team, and also he."

Question: In addition to Barnes Naturalization – what tasks did you have to do in your first year?

Schottel: "I talked a lot, worked very intensively on each of the areas, looked at a lot abroad, and made a number of personnel decisions." In the future, we want to set different priorities differently. "

Question: What it is?

Schottel: "We have decidedly decided in coaching education with Dominic Thalhammer, Thomas Eidler and Roland Goriupp, will change a lot, we want to make the" Project 12 "still alive and it is all about communication from OFB to clubs and national associations, and we have made an important step in this direction, and we also have some activities in the athletic field in the offspring, because we want to improve and work more in the direction of injury profiling.

Question: Can the OFB even dictate to the clubs how to work at their academies?

Schottel: "In some areas, there are guidelines that the OFB prescribes as a licensor. First of all, the OFB should provide some type of benchmark for clubs and provide new ones. We want to make suggestions and recommendations, and above all on our OFB courses and players from LAZ age Ages (note: 11 to 14 years old) should not be converting everything, they should try to figure out how to solve their solutions. They should be allowed to make mistakes and regulate themselves is important for players, not for team development. For Austrian football, it does not matter when it becomes Champion U16, but any the players become professionals, they go abroad and join the team. I know that the job of coach of the Academy partly due But it would be nice to return to the idea of ​​training at the academy and that not everything is called into question in the case of a couple of defeats. "

Question: The young male AEB had almost no success – in 2017 and 2018 there was no participation in the final. Is it a sign that did not work well?

Schottel: "Due to the experience you can get there, it would be important to be on tournaments, but maybe not the main goal, the main goal is to bring great players to A".

Question: For clubs also young coaches must go in case of success, in OFB does not happen. Why?

Schottel: "The FFB has no pragmatism, but we want to demonstrate and provide the necessary continuity in the field of young talents." The junior leaders are also responsible for other things – Herman Stadler and Martin Scherb for LAZ, Rupert Marko for the Academy, Manfred Zsak for the project 12. With the exception of Scherb, you have been around for a long time, you have a lot of knowledge, you know procedures, it is not placed on a stone that we do not change anything, but it has nothing to do with the missed qualification, always stronger and less vintage. "

Question: Is OFB the goal of a unique philosophical game?

Schottel: "So far we are in the process of specifying, but we are working on a team with the team's leadership, trainers trainers and some young team leaders with consistent principles of the game thinking that each coach should individually develop a system, plan and plan and adapt it to the opponent."

Text source: © / APA

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