Friday , May 14 2021

Suspected Rape: A 22-year-old soldier released in Vienna – Vien Aktuell

In case of a criminal judgment, the soldier would leave the army.

In case of a criminal judgment, the soldier would leave the army.

In the summer, a 22-year-old soldier raped a 28-year-old woman going to Vienna. The court today ruled on the acquittal.

On his 22nd birthday, a Viennese professional soldier was acquitted of rape in the Regional Court of Criminal Matters. In that case, it was "clear that the allegations can not be substantiated with the security necessary for criminal proceedings," said presiding judge Olivia-Nina Frigo on Wednesday after major proceedings.

For twenty-five, he went to his professional life. Probably the charge for a guilty plea probably led to the end of her young career with the army. When the acquittal was announced, the man therefore dropped the stone into the negotiation room in the heart. The decision is not final, the prosecutor has not made any statements for the time being.

The 22-year-old denies the charges

The soldier, who met with his parents and relatives at the Prater restaurant, met on July 28, 14 July 2018, who, together with their sister and several friends from southern Germany, came to Vienna to attend Bachelor's Party. To say goodbye. It is clear that she initially sympathized with the defendants and asked them several times to join their circle, which she refused.

On the way to the metro, the twenty-two year old was on the path of wet and happy women who gathered in front of the other restaurant. The 28-year-old talked to him again, began to think about love and finally went to the lady's room in the restaurant, where it was the call of the accused to have sex.

Sex on VC

"I did not do anything to this lady," said a young man on a projection last week. It was clear from the very beginning that "we want to be intimate and that we can have fun".

In detail, the Accused described what had happened in the cabin. The door was not locked. 30 or 40 minutes would be there, where it was "wild" received. The woman grabbed him by the neck and scratched, and she bit her again in her breast. She never let her know that she did not approve all this. Suddenly the door was opened, and the sister and friend of the 28-year-old stood in front of him, who apparently went in search of her. He received a slap from a third party and was insulted: "After I took my things and got out of this room."

The 28-year-old could not remember anything

Before the testimony of the 28-year-old, the public is excluded. However, she may have disagreed with her statements to the police and did not even remember the details that the Accused approved, the basis for the acquittal was discovered. The Senate attributed it to proven profound alcoholism of the woman – she had 2.38 per thousand blood an hour after the incident. This blurred her perception and memory, the president stressed.

"Definitely not a woman did not fall," he summed up the judge with another piece of evidence. In this regard, the opinion of the Senate Senator for the defendant "is not recognized that she did not want action". The 28-year-old, who joined the criminal proceedings as a private party, was deprived of her civil rights application. She claimed 3,000 euros for the mental and physical injury she sustained – sleep disorders, hematomas, joints around the neck and bites.

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