Monday , April 12 2021

The cookie is eaten »Leadersnet

This is how Google changes all online advertising.

Google’s announcement is like a medium-sized digital revolution: the search engine giant wants to abolish data collection through so-called cookie tracking, as Google manager David Temkin writes in a blog post. The Chrome web browser will no longer contain this tracking technology in future releases. Currently, so-called third-party cookies can track usage behavior on various websites. This technology is about to expire and should have no successor.

Apple and Firefox as pioneers

The cookie could be eaten literally, as with a global market share of approximately 70%, Chrome is by far the most widely used Internet browser and cookies from external vendors have long been the basis of individualized online advertising. This move is likely to change the way online advertising works for a long time.

Google is not the first company to dispense with cookie tracking: both Apple with its “Safari” browser and Mozilla with “Firefox” have been blocking third-party cookies for some time. But because of Google’s dominant position, the effects will now be much more massive.

New technology in operation

“To keep the Internet open and accessible to everyone, we all need to do more to protect privacy, and that means not only the end of third-party cookies, but also any technology used to track people while surf the internet “. said Temkin.

The fact that Google is taking this step has, of course, to do with the fact that billions of people automatically sign in to Google services, such as YouTube or Gmail, as soon as they connect to the Internet and have given their consent. for Google to process your data anyway. . The group is also working on a new technology called FLoC (Federated Cohort Learning). FLoC no longer tracks individuals individually, but as a group with common interests. (how)

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