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The fan is too big! Shaqiri misses Liverpool in Belgrade – Football


This will surely be a heated duel! On Tuesday (18:55 clock) Liverpool FC meets in the Champions League at Red Star Belgrade. "Red" renounced Ksherdan Shakiri – although the Swiss did not lock or hit. The reason is his Albanian origin, explains coach Jurgen Klopp.

Final of the championship: Real vs. Liverpool

Shakiri stays at home

"We love him and he will play a lot for us, but not on Tuesday," Klopp explained on Liverpool's home page. Reason: "We heard about speculation and talk about how Shak is well received, and even if we have no idea what will happen, we want to go there and focus on 100%, and we do not think about something else That's all."

Albanians in Belgrade

In the Balkans, the origin of the players plays no less significant role. Not only did the fans announce in front of the game that Shakiri would receive a warm welcome. Red Star starring Zvezdan Terzic said: "Personally, I can not imagine that the Albanian will play for the Red Star, Red Star is a Serbian club, Partizan was Yugoslav, I think Shakiri will be under unprecedented psychological pressure, because he knows where he goes , knows that the Red Star is the symbol of Serbia. " Conclusion: "Red Star will do everything to make Shakira feel that it is here for football and it is our duty to protect him in unwanted situations, to be good hosts."

The bench pulls the emergency brake

A press release, which was very worrying for the Klopp – and eventually left an emergency brake. He says: "We are Liverpool, a big club, a football team, but we do not have any messages beyond that, without political, absolutely no, we want to focus on football, without any other thing, we want to be respected and all Avoid distraction from attention it focuses on the 90 minute competition. "And what does Shakiri say? He assures: "I've already been at the World Cup, I can solve it, it's not a problem." However, on Tuesday, he keeps the Hymn League anthem on TV only.

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