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The heavy storms caused 100 fire fighting operations "


Especially in the districts of St. Veit, Völkermarkt and Klagenfurt-Land, the firefighters were on Wednesday evening in the storm. In Völkermarkt a meadow was burned after a ray, in Pörtschach a tree.

08.55, July 18, 2019

The brigades of Carintia Firefighters had to move to 100 missions
The brigades of Carintia Firefighters had to move to 100 missions © Kleine Zeitung / Hoffmann

Intense time accompanied by Intense rain, storm and hail, Wednesday night in Carinthia. According to the alarm and warning center of the State, there were a total of nearly 100 missions, the most affected was the St. District Veit, Klagenfurt-Land and Völkermarkt,

Next landslide. floods. Flooded basements, power outages i fallen trees There were also several fires, because the rays had affected trees and meadows.

Fire in the field

Völkermarkt had to score 20 Feuerwehren Stein in the valley of Jaun, St. Margarethen ob Töllerberg, Völkermarkt i Tainach to leave, because a field of lightning had lit a field. The owner of the earth and the beginning of the rain could extinguish the fire. The firefighters pulled themselves on the grill. round 400 Square meters of cereals they are burned, short the comrades had to leave again. The holes were transferred to Vesielach. In action there was the FF Stone in the valley of Jaun, Peratschitzen i Rückersdorf,

a Pörtschach am Wörthersee Firefighters moved around at 9:30 PM: a tree was burning there because of a flash. And probably caused by lightning was one forest fires a HermagorIt can be deleted quickly. The brigades had been eliminated Hermagor. Rattendorf. Tröpolach. Waidegg. Reisach i Spittal,

in the St. District Veit an der Glan they were the ones Treffelsdorf firefighters i Obermühlbach-Schaumboden a Frauenstein in use. Streams overflowed banks and came to Verschlausungen. various The buildings were under water,

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