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The second reading of blood pressure is correct

Hypertension: the second reading is taken seriously

Millions of people in Germany suffer from hypertension. Hypertension can lead to serious illnesses such as stroke, heart or kidney failure. Therefore, it is important for everyone to know their blood pressure levels and, if necessary, to counteract high blood pressure. But it is important to know the best way to determine the values.

Many patients know nothing about high blood pressure

According to health experts, almost all third-party adults in Germany suffer from hypertension. Many do not suspect their hypertension. This can have dangerous consequences, since untreated hypertension increases the risk, among other things, for heart attacks, stroke, heart failure, coronary artery disease and renal insufficiency. Therefore, it is clear that you should better diagnose and treat early hypertension. Therefore, people of all ages must know their blood pressure values. An expert explains the best way to determine the values.

Everyone should know their blood pressure values ​​to counteract hypertension if necessary. An expert explains how values ​​are best determined. (Image: Kurhan / fotolia.com)

The measurement of unique blood pressure only has a low value

High blood pressure can cause serious illnesses such as stroke, heart or kidney failure.

"Cardiovascular diseases continue to be the number one cause of death," said Prof. Dr. med. med. Martin Middeke, from the Munich Hypertension Center to the pharmacist, the international congress of advanced training of the Federal Chamber of Pharmacists, in a statement from the Federal Association of German Pharmaceutical Companies ABDA. V ..

"That's why it's important for everyone to know their values ​​and treat high blood pressure," says the expert.

For the internist, a measure of blood pressure only has a low value, neither in the medical office nor in the pharmacy.

For example, it is known that too high values ​​are measured in medical practices ("white coat effect").

On the other hand, especially in middle-aged men, blood pressure may increase during working hours, but may be normal in the doctor's office. This is called masked hypertension.

According to ABDA, this phenomenon is associated with a high risk.

First come to rest

Prof. Dr. Middeke recommends the following procedure for a measure: First, the patient should relax physically, mentally and emotionally. Next, blood pressure is measured for the first time.

If the value increases, you must take a second or third measurement after one to two minutes and relaxation.

According to information, the so-called deep breathing is the easiest and most relaxed way of relaxation. It is injected deeply and slowly through the nose and exhale deeply and slowly through the mouth.

As a result, high blood pressure lowers naturally rapidly.

How many are the values?

But what is blood pressure?

As indicated in ABDA, hypertension is present when blood pressure levels are 140 to 90 or more; in people over 80 years older than 160 to 90 years.

The values ​​of blood pressure are – with some exceptions for patients with comorbidities – not treated with medication.

Optimally, blood pressure is less than 120 to 80. "But that does not mean that blood pressure in drugs should be reduced so low," says Middeke.

"On the contrary, this would not be healthy for many patients. A reduction below 140 to 90 is often sufficient. Especially in patients between 65 and 80 years old, the doctor has a great discretion in the treatment goals, # 39; expert

Treat Hypertension Naturally

In hypertension you often use fast blood pressure. But, in many cases, blood pressure can be lowered even without pills.

Above all, it is important to move periodically, reduce possible overweight and abstain from cigarettes and high alcohol consumption.

In addition, some time ago it is known that some home-made remedies and a balanced and healthy diet can significantly reduce blood pressure.

Very important here is: salt only in moderation. A high salt diet can increase blood pressure. You should not consume more than four to six grams of salt per day. In addition, the menu should generally contain many fruits and vegetables.

Take medications in the morning

If medications are necessary, Prof. Middeke taking in the morning.

"Better in the morning on the edge of the bed, it swallows the hypotension, not just for breakfast. The sooner you take the medication, the sooner it can work," says the doctor.

"During nighttime intake, the blood pressure at night sometimes lowers mass, and then the body reacts with an unwanted countermeasure."

According to experts, nighttime intake is only necessary if blood pressure during sleep (!) Does not decrease, measured by long-term outpatient measurement. (Ad)

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