Tuesday , March 9 2021

The trade association calls the designation of origin also for the hotel industry

The topic of a compulsory origin denomination in food and gastronomy commerce has long pursued the media. Now, the Austrian commercial association, which represents brands such as Rewe, Spar, Hofer and Lidl, has also made public statements. "There are no reserves on the part of the commerce against the federal government that foresees the mandatory indication of the origin of the primary ingredient for products with meat, eggs and milk, as long as this also applies to the public catering service "said the managing director of Handelsverband, Rainer Will. "A uniform labeling requirement is meaningless in any case, regardless of whether a consumer purchases their food in stores, dining rooms or restaurants. Everything else is incomprehensible from the point of view of the consumer."

According to estimates of the "Land Creates Life" initiative, Austria's food kitchens supply around 1.8 million people a day. However, little is known about the conditions of origin and production of processed foods there. A designation of origin is not mandatory nor habitual in this field, and the same applies to public procurement.

Greater transparency would increase the demand for high quality products
According to the government program, there will be a mandatory national food labeling label for public restoration in Austria in the future. At least, you set an incentive system to mark the origin of meat and eggs for the restoration industry. "We defend transparency and do not want our consumers to be misled by missing or misleading labels. If the consumers of dining rooms or restaurants of companies knew the origin of their food, the demand for products from nations. ; origin with high standards would be far superior. This would also benefit greatly from domestic farming, "Will is convinced.

Currently, only in the restoration industry in Austria, there are approximately 1.4 million cows from countries like Ukraine every year without the consumer knowing this. Austrian food retailers, however, only offer eggs from the soil and the free range. Therefore, you need more transparency for processed foods, be it in the trade, in the catering trade or with direct sellers.

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