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Thomas Seitel: Here, in RTL, three men took control of him: how Helene Fischer's friend is probably in?

Did Helene Fischer know all this? On TV RTL breakfast, three men have tasted piquant details about Thomas Seitel's past.

Munich – Helene Fischer and Thomas Seitel are well acquainted. The two were not only arms in their shows. Now they are couple, this is official in the last statements of their father. But, Helene Fischer knows all the details of her professional past?

How was it disheartened by both fans and the media? The new friend of Helene Fischer has nothing wrong with her life. But only a few unusual jobs and close to jobs. Because he modeled several commercial ones. I was feeding on a publication through the fast food mountains. He put on the ground floor without a gay magazine. He looked enthusiastically when he approached Hessischer Rundfunk, that Helene Fischer was quite attractive. And once, Thomas Seitel for a television contest also threw lots of diapers on top of others.

Just after Hammer of Love had leaked, Thomas Seitel almost became a stripper. This is what Omid Jay, manager of the erotic sex company Sixx Paxx, chatted to Instagram in December.

On Monday there were many details. RTL Breakfast TV "Good morning Germany" (see online about 37 minutes) went to the Sixx Paxx guest. I Omid Jay spoke, since three years ago, when Thomas Seitel presented himself to a work interview on the strip: "We put the tip. Then we looked at some videos to know if it's adapted to his Artistic gusts or not. We find it very well. That's why we invite you, "he remembers. "Let's talk about what we are expecting from him, how many shows could we offer him, what should he do?" The talk was of 85 spectacles in three months, reason why Thomas Seitel left the covers.

Do you work on the striptease show? "Thomas Seitel was very positive about it"

Omid Jay recalls a pleasant conversation: "I had the feeling that I already had the need to work with us. It was very positive about that. Because he saw Sixx Paxx not trying to purify."

Both Sixx Paxx management directors also have their opinions. Bastian Maan says: "Our first impression was very good. It is a sports man who also looks good, which is no longer childlike. An adult man, suitable for us, very sexy."

Thomas Seitel: Helene Fischer's friend today had an offer Sixx Paxx

There was even an offer, said David Farell, also managing director: "We've made an offer for the whole tour. We're talking about 350 euros per show we offer."

Extrapolate would be the manor less than 30,000 euros for 85 shows in three months. But Thomas Seitel decided otherwise: he joined the tour of Helene Fischer to excite tens of thousands of pop fans with acrobatic inserts at each show. And partly to get closer to Helene Fischer too.

Helene Fischer with Thomas Seitel at the stage.

© picture alliance / dpa / Rolf Vennenbernd

Thomas Seitel can return at any time

However, the Sixx Paxx group has not given up hope that one day, Thomas Seitel will be one of his. And renew the offer to the RTL camera. "Hi, Thomas, here is the Sixx Paxx. You know these two young gentlemen, with whom they once sat together and thought they might appear with us. The offer is still standing. We realize that it is little This is likely to happen in the long run. If you are bored and want to have an evening in front of many euphoric women who scare and show your art, we invite you to do so. You are cordially invited. "

At the moment, Thomas Seitel has other plans. It's about moving boxes, and it appeared a few days ago with a different look at a show in Munich, after making rumors.

Video: Now the father talks about the new boyfriend of Helene Fischer

Since the end of 2018 we know: the Schlager icon Helene Fischer and Florian Silbereisen are no longer a couple. The father of the new friend of Helene, Thomas Seitel, has confirmed his relationship.


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