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Twelve-day day: Hartinger vs. Change –


"Black sheep should be punished seriously," the minister pointed out that the punishment should be maximized. But you do not have to correct the law. Many of the sins of entrepreneurs did not locate them: Hartinger Klein talked about the last 25,000 overruns, to 300,000 companies and 3.2 million workers in Austria.

In addition to the decree to the Labor Inspectorate, the Labor Chamber should be required to file a letter to report such offenses by the company. The Chamber of Commerce, on the other hand, should advise companies and draw attention to the statutory voluntariness of employees. Criticism of the Hotel Association (OHV) regarding the lack of legal certainty in voluntary overtime Hartinger-Klein could not understand: in their opinion, there is a possibility if an employee must in any case grant approval from the eleventh and twelfth hour of work.

The graph shows the breakdown of working time regulation


Speaker: "The OVP is for tensing"

After it became known that employers ignored the voluntary nature of the twelve-hour day, the OVP's chamber party pronounced it for re-sharpening – and did not rule out a legislative amendment on Monday. "The OVP is tensed. Regardless of legality, regulation, directive or regulation, it remains to be clarified. In any case, it must come to a harsh action of the labor inspectorate," said OVP spokeswoman in written form APA.

Earlier this morning, the parliamentary club OVP decided that the amendment of the Law on working time was not an issue. OVP club president August Voginger announced on Monday the re-negotiation in Salzburger Nachrichten: "The law is in force only two months".

Hotelers need a more precise definition

Hotelsrists, however, demand a more precise definition of what "voluntariness" means on a twelve-hour day. For employers and employees, it would be important to clarify things, said OHV President Michael Reitterer on Tuesday at the ORF on Wednesday, after several cases became known that hotel employees were forced to work for a long time – Audio at oe1.ORF .at.

"Is it voluntary, if you have voluntarily agreed that it is within the list? Because in the other, where it is on the list, it is not actually more voluntary," is the argument of Reiterter. "So, as it is now in the law, I think the entrepreneurs have become a bit too careful. (…) I also believe that entrepreneurs simply did not know it and simply wanted to exclude this voluntarism." The employers were afraid that in the evening hours of sudden reception or kitchen are no longer occupied.

She believes that simply this word of voluntarism must be excluded or explained. How long has it been voluntary, so Reitterer. "I believe that you just have to check the law as it is written for its practical suitability." Legal security for all is important.

SPO: Labor inspection is not responsible

According to the SPO, it is essential that labor inspectors, in the opinion of the OVP, should monitor in more detail whether the 12-hour work day is voluntarily carried out. "Labor inspectors are not responsible and they should not even check whether the eleventh or twelfth working hours have voluntarily arrived," social media spokesman Josef Muchitsch said on Tuesday.

They could only check whether overtime was exceeded 12 hours a day or 60 hours a week. In addition, labor inspections are already "equipped with too few staff to fulfill previous requirements," Muchitsch continued. The union accused the federal government that the labor inspection was a "thorn in the side" and that it planned to "restore this purely advisory body". Muchitsch again demanded the re-negotiation of the Working Time Act, which included representatives of employees.

AK: Lack of expertise in government

Arbeiterkammer Vien was at the same stage. Labor inspectors have "no legal relationships or powers" on volunteering issues, said Alekander Heider, head of the Department for Safety, Health and Labor, which confirms the "lack of expertise" of the Federal Government.

President of the Lower Austrian Chamber of Commerce, Markus Wieser, also criticized the Labor Law on Tuesday. The assumption that workers work voluntarily for twelve hours a day is "completely neural". The federal government lacks "any sense of things happening in factories, because every normal person with common sense knows that the employer is in a much higher position in day-to-day operations."

SPO spokeswoman Gabriele Heinisch-Hosek also spoke and specifically criticized the effects of extending the maximum working time for women. A twelve-day business day was "a huge fall in reconciling work and family". New cases emerged on a daily basis, proving that there was no real voluntarism in the twelve-hour day.

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