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Violent debate about identity and freedom in the city


Violent debate about identity and freedom in the city

LINZ. Governor Stelzer (VP) assigns a management report on identities in Upper Austria.

Identity and freedom in the debate of Villa Fierce in Austria

In Villa Hagen, the fraternity FP-affiliated Arminia Chernivtsi and the identities are rented. Image: ON

On Saturday after the publication of the ON report on Villa Hagen and the "Khevenhller center" rented by extremist right-wing identities, it was said that there had been a dispute over state-owned FP, along with cryptic words. But finally an official statement came out: after the repeated demand on Sunday, there was only a very brief reaction from the head of the state party Manfred Haimbuchner: "The FP was not the owner and, therefore, it is a wrong contact."

Villa Hagen is owned by the association "Studentenheim Urfahr". The treasurer and the secretary of the association, Wolfgang Grabmayr and Wolfgang Kitzmller, are politicians of the FP. Kitzmller is the husband of the third Nationalratsprsidentin Anneliese Kitzmller (FP). The club emphasizes that they did not know who was the tenant and that there was no contact. The identities had rented the entire winery for its "Khevenhller Center Linz". There were several events, concerts and a Christmas party.

"Happy interlacing"

Also housed in the village: the fraternity Arminia Chernivtsi, to which many politicians of the FP belong. Among them are Deputy Mayor of Linz, Markus Hein, and Security Counselor, Michael Raml. They also emphasized that they did not know anything.

The SP considers it as a "breaking interdependence". Head of State, Birgit Gerstorfer, asked Governor Thomas Stelzer (VP) to convene the State Security Council. Christian Makor, head of the SP club, has called for "clear words" to Stelzer. He has instructed the Directorate of the National Police to provide a status report on identities in Upper Austria.

The political vice president considers that the SP and the mayor of Linz Klaus Luger (SP) convened, because this coalition in Linz with the FP. Luger himself explains that the topic "needs an argument" and expects a "credible demarcation" of the FP. Councilor Rudi Anschober (Grne) wants to debate the case in the meeting today of the state government.

At the federal level, a resolution of the club's identities is discussed because his president has received a donation from the Christchurch terrorist attack.

Concern for the exchange of data

At the international level, as with the BVT subject, cooperation with the Ministry of Internal Affairs is being reviewed again critically. The German politician Elmar Brok (CDU) said that "Bild": "We have to ask Germany, that relevant data for security can be shared with a PM Interior minister, who had lectures before of these right boxes ". British politician Tom Tugendhat commented on "Profil": "It is very difficult to look favorably on an organization such as the Interior Ministry if it is run by a member of the FP." The Interior Ministry underlines that cooperation with its counterparts "is good".

Villa Hagen was already searched in 2018

The police are now trying to ban identities

Identities are not for the first time at the sight of the Austrian judicial power. Already in April of 2018, the office of the public prosecutor of Graz ordered six searches of houses to the movement (one of them to Villa Hagen). At that time, the accusation suspected that identities could be a "criminal organization." Several volumes were confiscated. In a later process, the 17 defendants were acquitted. At this time, however, the judge noted that this acquittal had been "a border case."

Now the police investigate the identities again. Currently, the Department of Security and Administration Police (SVA) of the National Police Directorate is examining the association ban with the State Office for the Protection of the Constitution. A result should be available midway through this week. The fact that this test really ends with a ban on the extremist right-wing club is considered by police circles that "it is not at all likely, even if it is legally difficult."

Identities are also registered in Upper Austria as a club, according to the Onachrichten researchers. But not under its real name. A deception maneuver that right-wing extremists also apply to other federal states. In Styria, identities are officially called "Association for the Preservation and Promotion of Cultural Identity", as President Martin Sellner appears. He is also the spokesman for Identitren in Austria.

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