Wednesday , June 29 2022

Virtuoso: Port Dark Darks Remastered was easier than expected


In the interview for NintendoLife they have Dark Souls: Remastered Executive producer Lukas Codr and Dark Souls: Remastered Producer Tang Mengjia revealed some details about working with the switch. Part of Virtious is not just a transfer Dark Souls He made his name, but also Л.А. Noire i Starlink: Battle for Atlas brought to the Nintendo home console.

Works on the FromSoftvares remake lasted about a year and was particularly challenging, according to the programmers, to ensure stable frame speed and network stability during multiplier mode. In short, the developers described the work with the switch as pleasant and not as difficult as it was initially suspected.

To be honest, we thought it would be harder than it actually was. As for hardware-specific challenges, we have had great support from Nintendo when we have dealt with technical issues and things like performance improvements. Personally, I found a development switch really comfortable and simple.

Based on experience, the developer is convinced that he will continue to work with developers to bring their games onto a portable console. At this moment, there are some exciting projects for Svitch, however, no information can be given.

For obvious reasons, we can not say what we are doing, but we will definitely have very exciting oversight games of a big profile. By transferring Dark Souls we have proven that we can take over any switching project, so we are confident that in the future we will get more projects. Ubisoft Starlink: Battle for Atlas, which received a critical acknowledgment.

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