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Vorarlberg briefly attacks and blames civil servants «kleinezeitung.at


Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (OVP) reacts unusually to criticism from Warhollberg about deportation in which a pregnant woman is separated from her husband and child. With a video from Vorarlberg online.

12:47, 16 November 2018

Chancellor Kurz © APA / Pfarrhofer

An incident involving a family in Sulzberg in Vorarlberg made headlines across the country. When a well-integrated couple with a child was supposed to pick up for deportation at dawn, a pregnant woman crashed out of a stressful situation and had to be hospitalized. Regardless, power and husband and a three-year-old son were brought to Vienna.

However, the Ministry of the Interior finally decided not to carry out a separate deportation. The Armenian-Iranian family continues to fight for the right to stay in Austria and is supported by the Municipality of Sulzberg.

Governor Vorarlberg Markus Vallner (OVP), given the reason that countries again have the words on human rights of residence, which the government immediately dismissed.

The incident in Sulzberg overshadowed the Chancellor's performance on Thursday Sebastian Kurz (OVP) in the European citizen dialogue in Bregenz. There, the former OVP candidate, later liberal and green politician, critically addressed him about the cause, after which the chancellor was discussing, although he actually wanted to leave the event. "Vorarlberg Online" (vol.at) reports "angry citizens" who would stop them.

Here's the original video (about 20 minutes) from "Vorarlberg Online":

In any case, such a case could be prevented if the Vorarlberg authorities worry that the children are not separated from their mothers.

Sebastian Kurz

In the "Vorarlberger Nachrichten" now shows tension, the incident in Sulzberg is "incredible" and suggests that it was so far only in Vorarlberg: "Such a case could be prevented in any case, if Vorarlberg is responsible for whether these children would be separated from of their mothers. "It might be easier to integrate monitoring in Vienna, says Kurz.

This family is all about Arpina and Azat Poghosian with his three-year-old son Anri Photo © Private

First of all, the federal authority decided, namely the field office of the Federal Office for Foreigners and Asylum in Feldkirch. It does not cause a chancellor. "The BFA in Feldkirch and the leaders who live here and know the situation, I expect them to know the laws and act with tact," Kurz says, and threatens: "If such a thing happens again, then it will become a tight federal control." Sometimes it's easy to fool Vorarlberg for Vienna: "But the Vorarlbergers who make these decisions in Feldkirch."

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