Sunday , May 22 2022

Winter – "Normal" snow after unusual temperatures


On Monday, about one centimeter high, equally spaced, slightly open white attic lay above Vienna. In 2017, in the capital on November 30, five centimeters of fresh snow was measured. However, the "beginning of winter" this year was preceded by unusually warm temperatures, ZAMG's climologist said.

At the beginning of the week, snow lay in many parts of the country, rarely gathered more than one to five centimeters. According to the provincial government of the lower Austrian government, in Mostviertel and the industrial district it was up to four centimeters, in Valdviertel to five, and in Veinviertel up to seven centimeters. For comparison, in 1971, in Hohe Varte in Vienna, in the second half of November, 25 centimeters of fresh snow was measured.

"Snow between November 20 and 30 is happening in Vienna every three to five years," said Alexander Orlik of the Central Institute of Meteorology and Geodynamics (ZAMG). Therefore, Viennese lines have been prepared accordingly: "We are set to possible snow since November 1st, there are no snow-borne hurdles today," said APA spokeswoman.

On the highways in Lower Austria on Monday prevalent salted wet and frostbite roads. At higher altitudes, it was expected with scattered roads, it was said in a statement. No obstacles have been reported from Burgenland until now, they have discovered requests at the National Security Center.

With more snow – in populated areas up to ten centimeters, in higher mountains up to 20 years – you expect on Tuesday. Beginning from Carinthia, a "powerful rainfall event", according to a ZAMG spokesman, moves to Styria, and then meets with parts of Burgenland and Lower Austria (such as Bucklige Velt). But soon the gentle air flows from the east, snow in the lowlands ended on Wednesday. It is expected that the rest of the week will be thawing, and that it will be the fifth on Friday and Saturday in the west, it is understood as the UBIMET weather service.

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