Monday , May 16 2022

1 killed in traffic accidents in Gazipur


Travel accidents Gazipur Sadar named Sohag Hossain (30) on the Daka-Mimensingh highway with a covered van The man was killed.

Today this happens on Tuesday at around 5:30. Driver, Apel Miah, 25, was injured in the incident. This incident has been confirmed by Mauna Highway OC Delvar Hossain police station officer.

Sohag was a pickup truck driver. His house was visited by Gazipur in the village of South Abder in Srebrenica. Father is Abul Kashem.

Sohag's brother Faruk Hossain said that Sohag used a pickup. On Monday evening, he came to Mimensingh from Fulbarium and took the chickens into the Ikria canton in Dhaka. After returning from Daka, Chittagong's traffic agency collided with a covered van in the Banarichal area. Sohag died on the spot.

OV Delvar Hossain said the body was found and rescued from the Maoana Highway Police Station. The driver of the covered van escaped after this incident.

According to the first light, the number of people killed in traffic accidents in 635 days, including today, is 5,584.

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