Sunday , April 11 2021

& # 39; Goddess & # 39; Getting to the biosphere – Share Biz

Showbiz board: The upcoming movie & # 39; Falgun & # 39; World Love Day & # 39; they will be shown at the Machangaanga Private Television by Jaya Ahsan and produce "Debi & # 39;". This is the old news. But the news is that the movie will be online soon. This information has been confirmed by the own photo producer Jaya Ahsan. Jaya Ahsan was released on October 19, the first movie & # 39; Debi & # 39; It was released all over the country. Chancell Chowdhury, who first appeared on the screen as Miss Ali. The film, praised and successful by the country, also responded well to Canada, the United States and the Middle East. There are premotional achievements. After the world's success, the movie has decided to launch the movie online. Producer Jaya Ahsan has signed an agreement with the video sharing site Bioscope Originals last Thursday. Jaya said: "Today is a very happy day. Because my company C has signed the contract with the biography of the movie." Goddess "is now a very popular movie on the screen of Country and the alien with the fans of the public. Many have seen the image. But for those who have not seen it yet, I'm online. " In the first fortnight of February, the image will be published in the main category of the bioscopy. As a result, viewers can see the image with a small amount of money. Meanwhile, on February 13 and 14, & # 39; Desi & # 39; It will be the world premiere of Fishranga Television. The popular novel of Humayun Ahmed, "Debi", has produced the film on the basis of Anm Biswas. In addition to the monetary donations of the Bangladeshi Government, it has produced "C-movie & # 39; In her, Chanchal Choudhury in the role of Miss Ali, Jaya in the role of Ranu, Shabnam Would be in the role of Nilu, Animesh Aich starring Anees and starring Eresh Zak.

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