Friday , October 7 2022

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In the last three days, the popular popular musician Shahnaz Belly has participated in a spectacular spectacle at the Mill Barracks of Demra Police Line. From the beginning to the end, he continued singing to his audience. This artist will be shown regularly. Now that the show season is underway, almost every day you have to be busy with the show. In this context, Shahnaz Belly said, I'm busy with the show now. They show me in different places in the country. As you are running the winter season. So the show is getting bigger. Apart from that, we also have regular channel programs. Shahnaz Baley also said about that, actually the show has become the norm now. That's how my show has been busy for a long time. It is possible due to the love of the public. And my work of singing as an artist is my work. I am doing this. As long as he can. Shahnaz Belly has constantly presented many popular songs since the beginning of the race. His basic folk songs, especially his songs, distinguished him from others. In addition, the artist has been responsible for spreading popular Bangladeshi songs inside and outside the country. But for a long time, new albums or songs are not received from the public. Although there are many new songs in progress, but when the songs will be released? Shahnaz said the belly, I have not released new songs for a long time. The audience often complained about it. Last year I wanted to launch the new album. But the scenario had to go through several busy hours that did not give time to sing in new songs. But my new song work is happening. Album from the Radharmana song album. There is also a basic disc of popular songs. The albums are far ahead of their work. I hope we can edit songs this year very soon. How do you feel about traditional music right now? Said Shahnaz Belly, song songs of the song. Your good condition But there is a need to love having a popular song forward. Many people are now covering popular songs. Many people remix or remake again. I do not believe in remixes. Because the application of the song is lost through this one. You have to leave here. Nobody has the right to destroy the fake songs. Popular songs will sing very well with words, melodies and music. Shahnaz Belly also said that most artists now see songs from other singers and singing other songs. You can not create your own identity singing another song. If you want to create your unique identity and stay alive for long periods of time, you must do basic music. There is no alternative for basic songs. What is your only daughter? Shahnaz said the belly, Awa is a very good song. My songs are very beautiful. It seems to see his possession in the song. But I want to leave what he will do in the future. I do not want to impose anything.

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