Sunday , November 28 2021

Abul Hayat, “unwanted”


During the coronation period, veteran actor Abul Hayat has acted cautiously and reduced the number of plays. When he gets a good story and character, he occasionally acts in plays. In this series, he worked on a BTV drama for the past two days. The name of the play is “Unwanted”. It is composed by Fazlul Selim with the original idea of ​​Sohrab Hossain.

In this context, said Abul Hayat, the works I am working on are trying to function in accordance with hygiene standards. In addition, BTV is a government organization. With enough caution you shoot according to all the rules. The story of the unwanted drama is a family story. I like the story.

Meanwhile, Abul Hayat has worked as a model in a ad directed by Mostafa Sorayar Farooqi. He said the announcement will air soon. Meanwhile, he died at the age of 8 last September. His first work on stage was “Buro Shaliker Ghare Ro” on behalf of Nagarik Natya Sampradaya. His first drama on television was ‘Oedipus’. His first drama directed on stage was ‘Agantuk’ and ‘Harjit’ on television. The first starring film was “Titus is the name of a river” by Ritwik Ghatak.

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