Wednesday , September 28 2022

An Indian cricket died in the field


Australian Phillip Hughes, who left the country after returning from the injury to young Pakeman Shaun Abbott Previously, Indian cricketer Raman Lamba, who entered the Dhaka area, was murdered. Another man was involved in the field procession. The name of this Goa Indian cricket, Rajesh Ghotag In the 1990s, the cricket player won many names while playing domestic cricket at Goa. The cricket player has the experience of having two first-class games and eight A-list matches for Goa. On Sunday he beat his team in a national tournament in the city of Margao, south of Goa on Sundays. They also scored 30 races. The 43-year-old cricketer, who had fallen sick after being on the bowling side, suffered a heart attack. After taking it to the nearest hospital ESI, he did not get any benefits. He left the last breath. This is a long list of examples of dead cricket. English cricket George Summers died in the first cricket field in 1870. In addition to Samar, English cricket died playing in the playground, Andy Ducat and Wilf Slack. Among the cricketers of the subcontinent, Abdul Aziz, Zulfiqar Bhatti and Wasim Raja have died besides Raman Lamba. The last Australian veteran, Phil Hughes, died after being struck by Shaun Abbott's booty while playing Australian home cricket. He was unable to return to the hospital with intensive care after fighting for two days with his death.

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