Tuesday , May 11 2021

Avril is just news

Staff Reporter | November 16, 018, Friday, 8:40

Jannatul Naeem Abril Miss Vorld Bangladesh received the award through the competition. From the very beginning it gives rise to discussion and criticism. He was involved in this competition, especially after the wedding. After that, the critique began with him. At that time, he did not regret it. Because he is the victim of a child's marriage, he said. Later he told various press agencies that he would work on preventing childhood marriage. But there is no longer any such activity in this regard. In that context, Avril recently said that I will definitely work on preventing childhood marriage. However, now I want a little more than me. My trip is no more than a day. If I can not stay alright then I will not be able to work. When it starts
I did not give Abril to a small house through a drama titled "This is so Love". However, his dream or film environment. He's in a movie with Shakib Khan. Several media reported this information. He told Manjamin in August, Shakib, will stand in front of the camera in October, and a film with another hero under the title "Drugs". But he did not say anything about the painting. Another communication could not have been with Abril since October. Do not receive a mobile phone. It is not known whether his picture started or not. Many people say that he is stunned to talk about every subject simultaneously. However, many have also shown the expectation of Avril. Many people have commented that this unfortunate wish can be taken to a better place in the media.

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