Thursday , August 11 2022

Bangladesh is in a difficult position in Taizhou


Taijiul made 5 innings in the third innings. Zimbabwe's comprehensive exit from the field yesterday – AFP

Exclusive test authority Mirpur is now in Bangladesh. Bangladesh has written half a triumph of Taizula Islami, the winner of the honey spin around the Tiger Camp. To win a series against Zimbabwe after winning in Silhet, it is very important to win the series and to save the standard.

At the end of the third day of the match, Bangladesh has 218 races. The first innings of Zimbabwe was revived after Brendon Tailor's century entered 304 times. For the first time in our history, the opportunity to follow the opposition is in front of Bangladesh.

Although reliable sources of the team confirmed yesterday, Zimbabwe will not follow Bangladesh. The Tigers will go into another game today. Bangladesh wants to give Zimbabwe 400 targets, adding more than 200 moves in half-sessions or two sessions. Then Bangladesh will take over the final part of the winning mission. Until then, the bovellers who fought during the day will rest and it would be useful to take careers.

Bangladesh has never followed the opposition in the test cricket. However, this was the first 200 plus points. Earlier, the highest score of 176 was against Zimbabwe. It was a victory in Chittagong in 2005 and 226 games in that match. And it was the first victory in Bangladesh.

On Monday, Zimbabwe was 25 on the second day for one career. On Tuesday, tourists could add 279 times in another eight tickets. Hamstringe paceman Tendai Chatara could not hit, their first inning ended nine cards.

However, Zimbabwe could hide in less than a few runs. There were five catch obstacles standing there. Mushfik, Taijul, Mominul, Mithunara are caught. Nevertheless, the opponent jumped into the 300th over the Taijul bowling. In his career he took five cards six times. He took 5 vices for 105 races. After that, Taizul showed the feat that he took five cards in three innings as the third player after Enamel Junior and Shakib.

The left-handed spinner returned the night guard Teeripano (8) yesterday. Brian Chari Miraj, who was twice in his life, was caught in the hands of Muminul. He achieved 53 runs. Then Taizul's vortex was caught in the net, Shaun Villiams (11) and Sikandar Raja (0). Tailor and Peter Moore lost five bets for Zimbabwe for 131 run They added 139 races for the sixth round.

A couple broke Ariful Peter Moore fell to Elb's captured 83 times. Tailor achieved the fifth-century career. He scored 110 moves in the first innings, before being caught behind the 110th Taejulu ride in 10 fours. Later, Mavutaka also returned Miraj. Chakabah (10) captured Mominula and finished the fifth victim, Zimbabwe's innings also concluded. Miraj, Bangladesh, Ariful took one career.

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