Friday , June 25 2021

Bashundhara Kings triumphs on Collider's hat

Bashundhara Kings won the BJMC 5-1 in the fourth quarter of the tournament finals. The first four with great strength were confirmed by Oscar Brosan's supporters. Royal opponents Sheik Russell in the semi-finals on Nov. 20.

Bashundhara Kings, the group that was discussed this season. Bashundhara is a new hope for the country's football fans. Team players spread the glory of every match. In the quarter-finals, football fans gathered at the Bangabandhu Stadium in the hope of seeing the magic of Collidrade, the World Cup.

Costa Rica's 33-year-old did not score a goal against Jamal and Noffel. However, the team returned well against BJMC in winning the country for 16 international matches in this front. The calendar did not take much time to celebrate the goal. Two minutes ago, Ibrahim crossed the cross and introduced the first leader of Bashundhara.

CalindaDesign doubled the gap between two BJMC players for 6 minutes. Wake up a chance for a hat-trick Do not take too much time to get the first hat-trick in football in Dhaka. In the 15th minute, Bangabandhu Para brightened the sky and set fire to the wings and removed the candle. As the game progressed 3-0, the victory was at the very heart of Bashundhara.

After the break, the team tried to wake up several times BJMC In the 54th minute, Al Amin and Samson Ilias scored a goal in the 67th minute and could not return to the match. In the 70th minute as a substitute player, Touhidul Alam Sabuj extended the rage of his BJMC supporters. At that time, the magic of the foot of a foreign Fatballer came with the adventures of the triller for supporters, and then Matin Mia. After the greenery hit the head of football, the pissiader's mind wins the mind.

Samson Ilias of the BJMC eventually penalized one goal from the penalty spot. BCMC supporters find some comfort Bashundhara Kings take a great place in the semester. protection status

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