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BFF's "trump card" does not improve or improve football?


Bangladesh to fight against India. File image Bangladesh 0 – 0 India, December 31, 2016 (Fair of the Senior Football Championships)

Bangladesh 1-3, India, January 4, 2017 (Final Final Football Championship Final)

Bangladesh 1-7, India, November 11, 2018 (Olympic Qualification)

Details of the last three battles between Bangladesh and the Indian Football Team in 21 months. Progress in Bangladesh is not worse, it has been said that during the 24-hour statistics, Mushfikur Rahim and Mominul Hakue did not allow the country with seven goals of hijam pain to touch the ground that day. Two players, who recorded a century against Zimbabwe, dragged themselves into the eyes of the entire country.

Back to cricket from women's football For many years, the federation of the football federation in Bangladesh is a trump card for women's football Despite an unpredictable football failure in the country, BFF has promoted the success of a women's football based on the wall, promoting itself as a commercial for its achievements. There is no doubt about the potential of Bangladesh in football. But in the AFC U-19 qualifications held in Tajikistan and the newly discovered Olympic qualification in Myanmar, a skeleton of skeletons of girls came out.

Girls from Bangladesh broke 13 rounds against two goals in three consecutive Olympic qualifications. On the other hand, draw 1-1 in the match against Sapphon Nilmani Nepal. The trainers are discussing inexperienced girls behind this scam. Without a doubt, young girls in Bangladesh are relatively younger than other countries. But 21 months ago, this government, Krishna Rani, Sirat Yahan Swapna, Maria Mandarai, have almost reduced India to higher clean balls. Over the past 21 months, the experience of these girls has grown even more, it has not slowed down!

The national women's football team did not have much dreaming at the beginning of last year. Six months of training in the US, Afghans started with the goal of 6 targets in Bangladesh. Group champions draw against strong India. In the semifinals again are opponents of the collar necklace from the Maldives. If he lost 3-1 in the finals, he would have won if he did not do anything bad that day.

The mistake of Sabine Actor punished Bangladesh in the final The rest of the team showed great soccer patterns. In about 21 months, Queen Krishna, Swapnader will become more and more. But where is the key, the goal of the weld seems to have forgotten football!

AFC in a team of 20 members was selected in Siliguri, 15 and 16 players in the KSI. Senior football players were Sabina Khatun, Sabina Actor and Minu Marma. Among them, Main was taken in the first half. So, even if they could not win the title regardless of the service, everyone predicted: "Bangladesh is the favorite of the next tournament." Indian trainer Sayyid Bharat also praised Bangladesh.

The reason for considering the future of Bangladesh was sufficient. The 16-year-old girl, who is experienced by Kamala Devi, is trying to stop the gods and goddesses. If these girls are filled, they will turn a stick. But the gift of Pasha turned upside down. Where girls played in the eyes of other opponents, including India, after 16, there were seven rounds of welding after playing at the 19th level. Then, as adults, women's legs were ruined!

Coach of Bangladesh Golam Rabbani Chhotan, "Myanmar is a very good team, but we played well with them." The girls were upset about digging three goals against India in the beginning, as a result, the difference in the goals increased significantly. but with the mistakes of the first two matches, I made a mistake against Nepal. This experience of qualification will work well ahead of you.

Although the team is representing, most girls are under 18 years of age. Of these, there are eight who currently play in all teams from under 15 to higher national teams. Saiful Bari Titu, one of the country's top coaches, says: "If a girl plays in the national team after playing in a national team, then her performance is normally lost. Because of the challenges she faces at a higher stage, she has her age at the age level. As a result, the girl in the national team is not able to play again in the age group. "

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