Thursday , May 19 2022

Champion Champion or Jalal sixth finals … – 705237 Kaler Kantho


Sport journalist: Zakaria Babu is under great pressure! Without foreign trainers, people from the country who are not in the ranks, the Abahans shrugged at the neck. The competition will be with a stranger Joseph Safi Although, despite his differences with the coach in English, Shaykh Jamal Dhanmondi was not lacking. In the final match with the trainer coach, Zakaria will be in the finals. However, the Abahans will be at the title of the hat-trick in the Federation Cup.

But the club Sheikh Jamal Dhanmondi has the ability to fulfill this dream of heredity. Immediately ahead of the statistics, Jamal and two Gambians, they are still at this point. In the meantime, the champion Abahani also opened the game The first semifinal of the Cup of the Federation was presented in the form of a great match.

This is a very important game between the career Zakaria Babu. The team of "high profile" like the Abahani did not play before, nor is it "great" in the game. So, the focus will be more on this home coach, if the Abahans can cross the field, then it will be a big event. He said more about the situation than his own words: "The team played a lot with Arambagh, it seems that the improvement is clearly visible, otherwise we could not win even after we left two or two times." The game Abahani has continuously improved. " In the group match Survi was not found, Mamunul Islam scored his first match, but even after he defeated Shaik Russell, he lost to Sheik Rasel. In the quarter-finals they played well against Arambagh in the second half. Twice back, Abahani reached the semifinals of the match and took the ball to Ballfort.

Compared to them, Shaikh Jamal went through a difficult obstacle. Excellent gambling talismans, a powerful Saif Sporting Club lost 2-1 in the quarterfinals and reached the semifinals. Ving Ata is not a better team than them. Salomon King, speed Saina Boyagan and defeat in the magic of the leg, defense of the opponent Argentine striker Luciano, unlike the two Gambians, does not miss the goal of Sheikh Jamal. Their coach Josef Afusi not only watched foreigners, "The foreigners play well, while playing on two wings, especially in the gambling game, local players play very well." With more than four months of training, the combination of the team has increased, the game is perfect. in the match of the tournament, and they should also win this match. "Jamaal's coach Anvarul Karim added:" We usually play well with Abahani. I hope players will continue this trend in this match, but as a good referee. "

The statistics also say that Sheikh Jamal is in a bilateral battle, in front of Sheikh Jamal. In the Cup of the Federation, Shaykh Jamal won three of the two teams, the Abahani two and one match drawn. In addition, they are the team of champions in the Federation Cup. After the debut festival in 2010, he played in the final of five of seven seasons and won the title three times. They failed to reach the final two editions. Abahani also has a great dream, as did Sheh Jamal, as he did in the sixth final, after losing the accident. If they win the tournament, they will get a hat-trick. Coach Abahani Zakaria Babu wants to stay in the semifinals, and in addition, "Finals, after a hat-trick, we have to win the semifinals." The responsibility for winning this match is the same as for foreigners.Good players in the country play for our benefit. are circular. "Mamunul Islam and Sohel Rana got a ball in the net. But two foreign freight forwarders from Haiti Belfast and the Nigerian Sundance couple are not ready yet. The coach hopes for something big in the semifinals, "Jamal's Gambians have played well, our Bellfort-back has come back to form the Arambagh match, and tomorrow (today) will have to shoot on a big match."

After the break, everyone will return to the ground. With the slightest injury, both sides will take the finals of the semifinals. So everyone can expect a good match.

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