Tuesday , October 19 2021

Confession of Professor Rezaul Condemned to Shariful Militant


Professor Rajshahi University Professor (RU), Rezaul Karim, was initially recognized as the militant Shariful Islam. The Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) arrested Shariful from Nachole de Chapainawabganj on Friday at the artisan baker's shop in Gulshan, one of the planning planners.

The court granted the six-day claim on Saturday for its 10-day claim. Director of RAB Legal and Media Wing at the RAB Media Center of Karwan Bazar, Sharif has initially admitted the murder of Professor Rezaul Karim of the English department of Rabi. Sharif said that RAB was planning to kill Professor Rezaul Karim according to the decision of the organization.

As part of the plan, local militants are overseen by Reiki and various information data, such as address, phone number and location and surveillance movement. The HSC student at the Rajshahi University University and the Ripon militant member gave a photo of the students in the English section of the camera from the telephone of the routine of the Rajshahi University to Shariful Osman Milu and Maskaćat alias Abdullah picked up the motorcycle used for the murder.

The killings took place under the direction of Shariful. After assassinated, Hasan alias Bike Hassan dropped the motorcycle along with Shariful and Khairul Islam alias Pailail in Parela near the Kharkhari Bypass. Pellet sack, with crisp cloth bags. Bike Hasan and Shariful Taherpur got into the house rented from Bike Hasan to Natore. The next day he went to Dhaka.

Meanwhile, the family of Rezaul Karim expressed his relief on the arrest of the principal accused after three years of murder. His daughter, Rezwana Sawshawi, said: "We are receiving relief from the arrest of the principal accused even after a long time." The court issued the verdict that was implemented quickly.

The Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) said that Shariful's request was made for 10 days to find out about the future of the country and international military connections, money collection, the full name of cooperatives and the future plans of militants. The court granted the claim six days after the hearing. RAB super police assistant. Salahuddin appealed to preventive prison. Ripon alias Mamun alias Ratan alias Sajal alias Abu Mujahid, accused of another militant attack on Gulshan, confessed a confessional statement after five days imprisonment. Metropolitan magistrate of Dhaka Sadabi Yasir Ahsan Chowdhury registered his confessional statement. According to sources of the court, Ripon confessed to participate in the artisanal attack on Gulshan Holi. In addition to the important facilities in the capital, they have recognized the plan for the attack.

The artisanal attack came from the Middle East, 39 million taka: after being in Dhaka for 2-1 days, Shariful was hiding under the direction of Amir. Meanwhile, another militant leader Ripon was with him. While he was hiding, Shariful and Ripon sent 39 lakh taka to Sarwar Jahan, which was used in artisan attacks. This means that they came from any country in the Middle East, said Shariful, said Shariful.

Mufti Mahmud Khan also said: Sharif came public from the refuge at the end of last year and Ripon came publicly in early 2013. Many leaders of JMB have died in the ongoing campaign of law and # 39 ; order and many are arrested. JMB revived the status quo and tried to organize JMB again through the compilation of new members. Last week, Ripon was arrested in another case of Sacred Artisanal. Shariful was arrested on Friday based on the information provided by Ripon and intelligence.

It was said at the press conference that Sharif had played an important role in making the leader of JMB Ameer Sarwar Jahan and leading leader Tamim Chowdhury. After adding Sarwar and Tamim, the instructions for the death of Rezaul Karim arrived. The same area and students from the same department and the leader of JMB, Shariful, said this "responsibility". Shariful was hiding himself after the murder of Rezaul Karim. He is also one of the most planned planners of Holi Artisan Bakeri in Gulshan. From hiding, he sent 39 lakhs to JMB leader, Sarwar Jahan. This comes from a country in the Middle East. Based on Shariful's main interrogation, Mufti Mahmud Khan said that since Shariful Bagmara Pilot High School accepted the year 1991, the SSC and Rajshahi Government College obtained a bonus from the science department on 2008. Then at the University of Rajshahi, the English section was admitted in the 2010-11 session.

How Shariful is in militancy: Shariful's father, Bagmara's bachelor's teacher, Abdul Hakim, dreamed of being his older son (Shariful) BCS's cadre. Sharipul had a dream similar to a father. After joining the university, you are diverting from the goal of life. In the military activities involved. While studying honors in the third year of 2013, Ahsan Habib, with a hand called Sovan, was involved in extremism. Although initially not involved with JMB, an extremist group consisting of similar minded students studying in the Rajshahi and Chapainawabganj centers of different educational institutions. Based on the idea of ​​madrassa-centered militancy, they created extremist groups with educators of modern education and used to promote online extremism. Subsequently, Sharif was introduced to the leader of JMB Tamim Chowdhury by Shoban.

Sarowar-Tamim is one of Shariful's efforts: Shariful, in 2013, contacted different level workers, and in 2014, Shariful worked to unite people with different militias ideologies. Sobhan and Shariful were in the same disaster. At that time, Tamim Chowdhury went to Rajshahi to spend the night in his mess. Sharif played a special role in joining the leader of JMB, Sarwar Jahan and Tamim Chowdhury, along with the controversy. Sarwar Jahan, Tamim, Saddam, Marjan and Shakib Master together in the meeting at Bogra's house in Ripon, in 2015. At that time Shariful received the responsibility of the media organization.

Mufti Mahmud Khan said that, as part of the Holi Artisan attack plan, a meeting was held in a dormitory in Gaibandha at the end of February 2016. Later, Shariful participated in several meetings in Dhaka.

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