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Day of the "fact figure": president of TIK, ACC –

The head of the organization, responsible for corruption, believes that corruption
I do not need to indicate a cumulative number.

In response to the international report, Iqbal Mahmud told reporters on Tuesday,
"We have already told IT that he has given us his mathology of the report i
He said with facts and figures.

"Now this time
This number, number that we saw in the magazine. This number is not enough. Your own facts
And the figure is that corruption has gone down this way. "

In the world
Based on the corruption situation in the country of 180 countries and regions, in Berlin
According to the index index, the IT organization published on Tuesday
(Better than worse) The position of Bangladesh now stands at 149.

The last time
The position of Bangladesh was 143. Now corruption in Bangladesh is lagging behind
Indicates growth.

IT says that its report does not reveal the actual image of corruption every year,
Just give yourself an idea. 13 Survey of public sector corruption and expert evaluation
As of this report, you have made the report.

The president said: "They only say that corruption has declined, we hope the report is here
Why corruption did not diminish, it increased. What is the motive of corruption? To address these reasons
What measures must be taken?

If the IT report does not have it, this report is not acceptable to us. "

Bangladesh position in the IT report

Bangladesh position in the IT report

Commenting on any investigation "Bayazad", said, of Transparency International
It does not ask that the report be partial.

Let's say that such and such government people in such a place, this political-political-political power
This did the job. This is good for us. Now, if they do not say it
This, the government's property has become unbearable; We can also say these things, that is
I've been talking a lot. "

Despite not rejecting the report, the corruption situation in Bangladesh is "downgraded."
Claimed Iqbal Mahmud

"If someone tells you that the brother is corrupt, then he will say a lot of corruption.
But it is true that the public has realized the corruption of the country.

Officials and employees that are close to corruption, who have the opportunity, are
They think they are very aware. This awareness shows that corruption is actually a slowdown
Side. "

The TIE report is influenced internationally, because in the context of each country,
Iqbal Mahmud pointed out that different studies must be done.

The company
Chapter of Bangladesh, Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB)
Referring to the partner, he said: "I would say that in the local IT, you are blindly TIE
The method that Johnson uses, which is not the best, right?

The context of the country, depending on the context, whether you have recharged the IT or not, I have no idea.
If we receive the IT report, we will explain it ".

TIB officials said the publication of the report

TIB officials said the publication of the report

The weak organization for the prevention of corruption and can not work independently – TIB
In response to these comments, Iqbal Mahmud said: "We are weakening, they are weak, they are weak.

Until we have never said that we are not free. We are independent independently. This is due
We are taking legal mandate, nobody is preventing us. "

Accepting the criticism of not being able to catch large corruptors, he said: "This is true. Example
Let's say: if he is corrupt sitting in London, like Lutfar Rahman Badal (IFIC Bank
Former director), is sitting abroad, how can I get to the cable? I have sued it, that is it
An action ".

The president of the ACC also called for an appreciation of the good work of any organization.

"Not more
Ok, it does not work well. TIB is then a good organization
It will be, when they say good and bad. "

Iqbal Mahmud said that the anti-corruption commission will only be corrupt
It can not be reduced. Everyone has to work together.

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