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Deepika-Ranbir knows how much Priyanka-Nicka's price is one night? See that royal offer



The stars Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Singh are tied together in pairs. Now everyone is expecting another great wedding this year. Just a few days after the wedding ceremony, Priyanko Chopra and American singer Nick Jonas will sit in the field. He is married to Indian Judge Umed Bhaban

Priianka called fans like computers. The PC did everything at its wedding. And it will not be less than any part of the royal wedding. Indian media say the Priianka-Nicka marriage ceremony starts on November 30th and December 2nd.

In Umed Bhaban preparing preparations has already begun. The palace is decorated with incense. The computer recently went to Jodhpur. His request came to the authorities. Although Priyanka has not officially announced the date of marriage, strange news from the lambs surprised everyone.

The British Daily Mail reports that Friends Chopra and Nick Jonas are huge for city expenses. The cost will be 60,000 US dollars per night, converted into money that amounts to more than Tk 50 lakh. This means that the hotel's expenses will be only 50 lakh rupees at night, the rest of the rest!


Priyanka Chopra celebrated her wedding ceremony a few days ago. Join two cats. She was present Priian cousin, along with her friends, actress "Namastei England" Paraniati Chopra and Priiankar Habbo Ja Sophie Turner.

On the other hand, American singer Nick Jonas also celebrates wedding ceremonies. He also gave a cat party. Siddharth Chopra, brother Priiankarba Priiankar of Nick's Bachelor Parti, says.

Bollywood actress Priianka Chopra is popular around the world. American singer Nick Jonas does not go too low Betuaon-Holitovn Sargaram with the marriage of this couple Not only the expenses, but also the income to each other as companions, there is also a huge amount of money that is earned from a marriage, the star couple earn.

They will be bound in Satpam for Indian tradition and traditional customs in the Mehrangarh fortress in Jodhpur. Popular magazine bought wedding photos a month ago. Friendship-Nicka's wedding for the purchase of the magazine's pictures was worth 2.5 million US dollars, which is about 21 million

Priyanka and American singer Nick Jonas have announced their love in the last few months after buzzing in the media.

On August 18th, the Rokha ceremony and the antibodies of the Obe shared the images of Baghdad in Instagram. Nick welcomes her future "Mrs. Jonas" and Priyanka replies: "I accepted my heart and soul."

Priyanka Chopra is now busy shooting for "Nebo je Pinch" in Delhi. Farhan Akhtar and Danglakania Jaira Vasim are also in the film. Jaira acts as a daughter of Friends. Source: Pinchville

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