Saturday , June 19 2021

Does Real-Chelsea show the heat of the pitch for the first time?

Before the start: Real-Chelsea's first look at the heat off the pitch?

It is important to note that Real Madrid has never faced the history of the Champions League. May. They have a history of fighting only in the 1998 Super Cup and 50 years ago in the Champions Cup final. Chelsea won those two games. Still, Chelsea have not played for Real in the Champions League for the last 19-20 years, although it may surprise you a bit.

However, a context was created to see the fight between the two teams regularly. If the idea of ​​a European Super League had matured, the two teams could have met regularly. In the last two weeks, European football has been hot with this. In the end, it seems that this revolution has failed. After the tension subsided, the Champions League is played for the first time today. Does it take a while to ignite the excitement off the field today?

At least there could be tension between Florentino Perez and Roman Ibrahimovic. When the European League seemed a matter of time, Chelsea were the first to cease after fan protests. Chelsea manager Piotr Chek had to come to the pitch to calm Stamford Bridge fans. Perez then said excitedly that a club had pulled away in front of 40 fans. He also said the rest of the English clubs have been withdrawn by one club. There is no reason not to understand that the indication is towards Chelsea. But Perez is doing something wrong, not 40 people, but Hazar Khan supporters in front of Stamford Bridge. Today, of course, they will not be able to stay in the field, but there is no possibility that the fight will end.

Today’s match is very different for both of them. Eden Hazard moved from Chelsea to Real a season ago. But he has to spend more time off the field than on the field. Today, however, he has returned to the team after recovering from injury and can play against the old club. Chelsea’s form could be a bit even, but it could be a real achievement for Real.

However, it’s hard to put anyone ahead in today’s game. Real still have a chance to win the league title and have reached the Champions League semi-finals after overcoming pressure from the group stage. For Chelsea, however, the experience of the semi-final is after seven years. Still, Tukhel has changed a lot after taking over. They are among the top four in the national league, losing to Porto after Atletico in the Champions League qualifier.

And today another one will definitely come out. Thibaut Courtois also suffered at first to go to Real, but now Real do not think of anyone more reliable than him under the charge. His memories of Chelsea are no less, they can return today.

Team news

Zidane returns Hazard, and Tony Cruz returns from injury. But Ferland Mendi has yet to recover from the injury and Real fail to get Sergio Ramos. Chelsea, however, are not in danger of a major injury, only Mateo Kovacic does not receive Thomas Tukhel today.

Possible XI

Real Madrid

Courtois, Militao, Nacho, Varane, Carvahal, Casimiro, Cruz, Madrich, Asensio, Vinicius, Benzema.


Mendy, Azpilicueta, Thiago Silva, Rudigar, James, Chillwell, Georginho, Kante, Mount, Werner, Havertz.

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