Monday , April 12 2021

Doll is making Nazrul’s music album

Musician Sajia Sultana Putul
Musician Sajia Sultana Putul

Entertainment desk: Musician Sajia Sultana Putul is dedicated to singing all year round. In addition to being a singer, he has experience in speech, melody and music. The musician has released new songs on the first day of the new year. The song titled ‘Swapna’ is composed by Ashish Dev Roy and composed by Syed Reza Ali.

Meanwhile, it has been released on the artist’s YouTube channel Puppet Song. After that, this musician has taken on new musical projects. One of them is Nazrul Sangeet’s album. The album is being arranged with seven songs. Recently, the recording of the song titled ‘Braj Gopi’ has been completed. Syed Reza Ali is composing the songs for the entire album.

Regarding the album, Putul said: “Each song will be released one by one. After releasing them all, an album will be made and re-released. Each song is an incredibly beautiful saying. There are also video versions. of the songs.I hope the listeners like the songs.

Meanwhile, the artist said he will release a new solo album called ‘Putulgan Punrutthan’. Puppets associated with song and writing. His fourth novel “Dissection of an artist’s entity and autobiographical fractions” will be published by Tamralipi Prakashani at the upcoming Ekushey Book Fair








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