Saturday , August 13 2022

Dr. Against Jafarulah …- 700871 | Kaler Kantho


Founder and Trustee of Gonostastia Kendra Another case was filed against the Ashrafia police station against Jafarullah Chovdhuri. Dr. Seven cases were brought against Jafarullah.

Earlier, the Ashulia Police station filed a number of cases, including land grabbing, assault, assault, murder and extortion.

On Wednesday morning, an elephant resident in the capital and the Cotton Tektile Mill case in the Mirzanagar area, Kazi Mahbur Rob filed a case with the prosecutor. The case was filed after a telephone conversation with an employee on Facebook's use of social media was highlighted to advise the rape victims of children and students using social media.

Founder and commander of the Public Health Center in the case of Osh Jafarullah Chovdhuri, more than 50-60 unidentified defendants were named by names of 23 people, including the executive director and leader of the skipper Saiful Islam Shishir.

Kazi Mahibur Rabshah Dr. For the three prosecutors in the Zafarullah case, a press conference was held in front of PHA Building Ganaoshasthia Kendra on the afternoon of 4 November. At the end of the press conference there was a chaos and conflict with activists of the public health center. At least 15 people were injured in the attack. It is known that the last case was filed in this incident.

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