Saturday , August 13 2022

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Popular actress Priyanka Chopra said: "The incident of sexual harassment with women is happening regularly."

The women of world founder, Tina Brown, asked Priyanka Chopra: "Have you been a victim of sexual harassment?" Priyanka Chopra has spoken openly about the issue.

The 10th Annual Women's in the World Conference was held Thursday in New York. The conference was organized successfully and women discussed in various parts of the world. Priyanka Chopra is invited to this conference.

He has had open discussions on various topics, including the hashtag on movements. Talk about Nick Brian's relationship with Jonas. Priyanka also talked about this before.

When Dutch filmmaker Harvie Weinstein was accused of sexually assaulting a movie star in 2017, Priyanka Chopra had filed the same complaint on October. But not Hollywood, complained about some powerful Bollywood actors.

Priyanka Chopra, who did not reveal anyone's name, said: "There are many people in Bollywood and Wininstein, many of whom have been subjected to sexual harassment. Some men who came here to act were threatened. For some men. If you do not turn to the gross demand of these men, you will not find any work. I have heard that the appearance of these men is one. In this situation, all women are alone, impotent.

In a past interview, Priyanka Chopra said: "Harvey Winston's events are not only related to sex; they are related to the power to occupy power. When a woman is empowering women around the world world, a group of men continue to do these abominable jobs to control women. Come on, we all resist.

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