Monday , May 16 2022

Google Search Best: Apple Chief –


On Sunday
In an interview with the HBO television channel, Google searches for Apple devices at night
With Google's efforts to keep the default search platform for hundreds of millions of iPhone manufacturers
Cook gave the idea of ​​a dollar agreement. He said: "I think that their browser is
Best of all But the other thing is to see what we did to control it. Ours
There is a private web search, there is an intelligent system to prevent tracking. "

Apple will pay $ 9 billion in 2018. In this case, Google is the goal
Keep Google searches as the default search engine in iOS Safari on your iPhone.

According to Rod Hall, analyst and analyst of Goldman Sachs, this figure of money
It will continue to grow; It is likely to be 201 billion dollars in 2019.

Prior to the privacy practices of various technology organizations such as cook facebook
They did This practice was described as "surveillance".

Cook said he did not support the regime.
However, for some time it comes when the "free market does not work, it must be accepted," it is commented

The boss said: "I think some levels of control are necessary in this case. I think so
Congress and administration will pass one place. "

The device keeps incredible information about you, but as an organization I have it
Do not judge. "

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