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History of two twins of twin twins from cricket


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History of two twins of twin twins from cricket

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Announcement of retirement from international cricket, two women's women's cricket team, Isobel and Cesellia Joice. With their retirement, Shillington, Sierra Metcalf, in their two half waves Who gave new information in cricket history.

Such a heart attack occurred at the current women's twelfth world championship in western India after defeating eight bets at the last match of their group stage in New Zealand, after defeat, four Irish cricketers announced their retirement from international cricket.

Outgoing four cricketers

However, Claire Shillington and Sierra Metcoffi Two announced in May last year, the women's Twenty20 World Cup will be their last tournament. Then he'll hold his thumbs in the cabin. It was a match against New Zealand, because they were the last match with two.

At the World Cup in group B, Ireland reduced to 79 for 9 and lost 79 races. Kiwi took two balls in the 7.3 Premier League to win with 75 balls. Irish girls could not win any of the four games on a current tournament. As a result, the group had to leave an empty hand.

Opener Shillington 12, Seselia Joice 1, Isobel Joice 0 and Metcalf unbeaten in the last international match of their career. The metkaf ball with a 24-drive ball at 1.3 is empty. Isholib Joice remained undefeated with 16 races in 1 break.

After retirement of four people, naturally a serious environment of the women's cricket team was born in Ireland. For this reason, Laura Dellani, the current captain, said: "For what we did for the country, we do not have enough languages ​​to thank them. Of course, this group will have a temporary time in the next 10-12 months. new faces. One thing is to adapt to your team. "

These four female cricketers in Ireland began to play cricket nearly two decades ago. 37-year-old Shillington made his debut in the 1997 national team. He scored 1276 moves in 90 ODIs and 1019 races at 56 T20. Shilling said: "When I was 16 years old, I began to play cricket, I played 21. I have an elite environment, has a lot of board advantages, thanks to the board, as well as team mates.

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