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How are you now and actress Rimi Sen?


Remember that Rimi Sen? Family name of Rimi Sen Suvmitra Sen. Born in Calcutta in 1981. In 2003 he debuted at Bollywood with "Hungama".

Then, in 2004, a great budget photo was published "Dhoom", 2005 "Qa Ki & # 39;" The Hot Mashal & # 39 ;, 2006 & # 39; Ghollam & # 39 ;, and the images were very sensitive. The sweet daughter of Rimir is fascinated by the magic of the show. But later this actress could not find the answer of "Johnny Gaddaar", "De Thali", "Crisis City", "Horne ok Please." Then, Rimi could not be found in Bollywood. Although he tried to return to Bollywood through the movie "Thanks & # 39; in 2015. But the image fell at the box office.

After that, Rimi appeared in the field of politics. This actress joined the party of Bharatiya Janata in Delhi in the presence of Kailash Bijaybargiya, the first leader of BJP in 2017. At that time, Rimi said: "Not only me, but all the first India's minister is inspired by the work of Narendra Modi. Wherever I need the party, I'm going. The government has given us a responsibility, we will. "Many people thought that BJP would enter Rimi to Lok Sabha de Rimi for Lok Sabha surveys. But it did not happen again: at the beginning of the company, Mumbai arrived first and had the opportunity to get some ads. After seeing an ad to take a cold drink with Amir Khan, he came to see it. His first film Telugu & # 39; Ne Thodu Kavali & # 39; And the debut film of Bollywood & # 39; Hungama & # 39;

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